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Reflections on WandaVision

Each week, as WandaVision dropped episodes on Disney+, LTN Writers reflected on the episodes and shared their thoughts on the episode and Wanda’s journey in the show.

Controlling the Uncontrollables in WandaVision Episode 1 + Adam Clodfelter + JAN 27, 2021

The Cost of Conformity in WandaVision in Episode 2 + Jonathan Reedy + JAN 29, 2021

Trust Issues in WandaVision Episode 3 + Jonathan Reedy + FEB 3, 2021

How to Lose Friends and Manipulate People in WandaVision Episode 4 + Chris Fogle + FEB 5, 2021

Compassion and Control in WandaVision Episode 5 + Brittany Lofland + FEB 10, 2021

The Weight of Lies in WandaVision Episode 6 + Chris Mikesell + FEB 18, 2021

The Wages of Sin in WandaVision Episode 7 + Adam Clodfelter + FEB 26, 2021

Love and Scars in WandaVision Episode 8 + Colby Whittaker + MAR 4, 2021

Finding Hope in Grief in the WandaVision Finale + Adam Clodfelter + MAR 8, 2021

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