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The Pull List 56 | The Substack Revolution

About This Episode

Comic artists like Jame Tynion IV are leaving the big publishers in favor of Substack, a paid subscription service that allows for the support and exclusive content of what has been primarily journalists. Now Scott Snyder is giving art classes and the Secret History of DC Comics are making their way to the premium service. Walmart is also selling packs of variant covers exclusive to other retailers in what is being dubbed “VariantGate”. Christ and Hector weigh in on the controversy and share their latest pulls.

News from the show:

“VariantGate: Walmart Sells Other Comic Shop’s Exclusive Marvel Covers”, Bleedingcool
“Substack Dives Into Comics, Hires Amazing Spider-Man Writer Nick Spencer”, CBR
“Jonathan Hickman Quits X-Men For Three Worlds Three Moons Substack?”, Bleedingcool
“Skottie Young joins Substack line-up with I Hate Fairyland relaunch”, Newsarama
“James Tynion IV To Tell Secret History Of DC Comics & 5G On Substack”, Bleeding Cool
“Scott Snyder Launches Substack Writing Classes For $7 A Month”, Bleeding Cool

Pulls from the show:

Ascender Daredevil (2019) #33, Marvel Comics
Seven Secrets #11, Boom! Studios
Batman #111, DC Comics
Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: The Secret of Chesbro House #2, Dark Horse Comics
My Hero Academia, Vol. 28, Viz Media
Strange Adventures #11, DC Comics
The Nice House on the Lake #3, DC Comics
Suicide Squad: Get Joker #1, DC Comics

#1’s Worth Your Time:

The Unbelievable Unteens: From the World of Black Hammer #1, Dark Horse Comics
The Me You Love in the Dark #1,
Image Comics

Episode Hosts

Chris Poirier
Chris is the co-host of The Pull List Podcast for Love Thy Nerd. Chris Poirier also is the Lead Pastor/Church Planter of River Valley Church and the Founder/Game Master of Columbus Got Game. When not reading comics or playing video games he and his wife Rebekah seek out all that can be found on the nerd scene by hunting for vintage toys, finding the most epic comic shops, and getting their tabletop on. In the hours that remain, Chris serves as a missionary for Love Thy Nerd at conventions across the US. Previously, Chris managed the largest comic retail shop in North Carolina, as well as, served as the North Carolina Comicon Media/Communications Director.
Hector Miray
Hector is the co-host of the Pull List Podcast for Love Thy Nerd. He is a semi overzealous geek about most things, but to the core is a big fan of a good story. He is the primary writer behind the book series "Faith & Fandom" and travels to dozens of comicons throughout the year with the books. He is married to a medical nerd named Danyelle and has helped co-create 3 small humans with her that resemble him in appearance and passions. Hector is also the location pastor for Vertical Church's Lumberton, NC Location.

Episode Producer

Jonathan Clauson
Chief Audio Nerd
Starting with Clear Channel Radio in the '90s, Jonathan has worked in audio and marketing for 20 years. Credits include stints at EA Tiburon, Christianity Today, Christ and Pop Culture, and freelancing as voice talent for audiobooks and podcast production services.

Episode Discussion

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