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The World of Rakuen Sees New Life in Farmer in the Sky

Firing up Laura Shigihara’s Rakuen, I didn’t know what to expect beyond 8-bit music and a boy in a hospital. I had just came off of To The Moon, a project that Laura contributed to, so my expectations were incredibly high.

Rakuen delivered. A trashcan full of tissues later, I was swept away by its emotionally beautiful story—placed among a symphony of colorful pixels.  A story that showed the importance of helping others: empathetic friendship when dealing with personal loss.

This summer, the team behind this gem is delivering something just as colorful, heart warming and, maybe, just as meaningful. The Farmer In the Sky hits our internet screens this fall on Morizora Studios’ Youtube channel.

The Farmer In The Sky takes us on a trip through the magical world of Rakuen, promising a visit with some of the most beloved characters from the game.

In a dark hospital room, the beeping of a heart monitor leads up to a familiar music box melody. A door opens and we are swept into the world of Rakuen where marching mushrooms guards welcome us. We settle on a plant house where a Leeble and a Sky Bud creature set up for tea and cakes. Their plan goes off the rails in the most adorable fashion—which leads into The Monsieur’s mansion: beams of light dance with fluttering birds creatures (all set to a perfectly tailored score). It brings the world to life in the best two minutes and fifteen second trailer I’ve seen on the internet all year.

I’m excited to see what Laura (and her team) have up their sleeves for this (free!) series. The animation is incredibly smooth: colorful with polished characters. The bright scenery is a joy to look at. There could be a lot to explore with Rakuen’s fantastic world. I’m sure that it will warm hearts, generate thoughtful discussions and produce many soggy handkerchiefs.

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Stephanie Skiles is a freelance storyboard/illustration artist and writer who also runs GameChat, a conversational book club for video games, that can be found at thegamechat.net. Other than Love Thy Nerd, you can find her art work at stephskiles.com and on twitter and Instagram @stephskilesart

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