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The Uniting Power of Vulnerability in “The Rescue”

I wanna start this off by saying how much I have loved this season of The Mandalorian. It’s been a wonderful, fun, emotional ride that improved on a show that was already great in its first season. They exceeded my expectations and took the show in a great direction while also incorporating it into the larger Star Wars universe in fun ways. 

What really shone and improved in this season was the relationship between Mando and the child, now known as Grogu. The first season was all about them getting comfortable with each other, especially Mando being thrust into the role of an adoptive father for Grogu and having to be responsible for his care. The second season saw Mando embrace that role. Yes, he’s still a cold-blooded mercenary at times, but it was always in service of keeping himself and Grogu alive and well and in pursuit of their next objective. 

When you’re vulnerable and reach out to others for help, it can be unifying, whereas influencing people through fear and force of will actually isolate you. 

In the finale, we see Mando form a team to get Grogu back. The members have their differences, but Mando has earned enough respect from these other characters that all he needs to say is that Grogu has been taken by Moff Gideon. 

This is best seen through Cara Dune. She and Mando discover a mutual respect for each other when they both answer a bounty to help protect a farming village from raiders in the first season. Instead of fighting over the bounty, Mando gives it to Cara knowing he doesn’t need the credits, culminating in her seeing Mando for who he is when it’s time to save Grogu. When you’re vulnerable and reach out to others for help, it can be unifying, whereas influencing people through fear and force of will actually isolate you. 

That vulnerability really came through in the end with Mando. Our titular hero risked it all for his adoptive son, even showing him his face. Mando was willing to break his customs and rules to show Grogu how much he cared for and loved him.

Photo courtesy of Disney from StarWars.com.

We also see this vulnerability as Mando is willing to fight that one Dark Trooper. The fight was intense, and Mando could’ve easily died at the hands of the death-dealing droid. He had to use all his ingenuity and experience to take that machine down, but he put his life on the line knowing he had to get to Grogu, as he has more and more with each episode.

I hope Mando takes these lessons of being vulnerable with him going forward and that we can be vulnerable with those we care about as well. Those are the times when we see the most change in ourselves. They’re often painful and difficult, but they’re also so necessary if we want to live in beautiful, connected harmony with those around us.

Ryan is known to his best friends as Fuzzy. He loves God, his son, and playing both video and board games. When he has time, he likes to read and watch The Office.

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