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“Reality” Articles

Back Row | Week 142 | Wars and Rumors of Wars

Instead of their planned week of shows, last Thursday, all the show prep was put on hold after news broke of Russia invading Ukraine the night before. A last minute episode was put together with Radio Matt and a few LTN voices to discuss what has happened during the first 5 days of this invasion, […]

Back Row | Week 139 | Fast Food Reality

In a world full of Matrix movies, Metaverses, and Meatless Burgers that taste better than some real burgers, it’s hard to tell what actually IS real anymore. In this Rewind special, we’re pulling out four classic discussions about reality in the fast food industry.

How to Lose Friends and Manipulate People in WandaVision Episode 4

We all put up walls but WandaVision episode 4 reminds us that we need friends who will love us enough to help us face reality.