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Humans of Gaming 172 | PAX East 2020 Interviews

Drew interviews developers and content creators at PAX East 2020 including YouTuber LaurenZSide and filmmaker Phillip Shane.

Humans of Gaming 133 | PAX Unplugged 2018 Interviews Part 2

Drew completes his visit to PAX Unplugged 2018 by walking the floor and interviewing board game developers who are making experiences that push the medium into new areas. Can a board game make laugh so hard you cry or tell a harrowing story of sadness? Drew interviews 8 developers who are exploring these possibilities as […]

Humans of Gaming 117 | GenCon 2018 Designer Interviews Part 3

Drew interviews another batch of new and veteran board game designers about their latest offerings as well as why they make the games they do, and what they hope players take away from their time.
PAX East 2018 Interviews Part 1

Humans of Gaming 104 | PAX East 2018 Interviews Part 1

Drew is at PAX East 2018 to talk to developers on what they hope you, the gamer, gets out of the experience they have labored on. Part 1 of 3.