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Back Row | Week 147 | Turning Red & the Christian Ban-Wagon

This week, Radio Matt & Mo are taking about Turning Red, the good and bad of the movie, and the Christian social media reaction.

Back Row | Week 145 | Back Row Brawl II

This week is devoted to crowning our final Undisputed Back Row Champion as we retire our blue belt (which as been replaced with a new purple one). 8 competitors will go head-to-head in classic games from our original podcast up through some of our favorite games from today.

Back Row | Week 144 | The Dead Internet Theory & the State of AI 2022

How much do we interact with AI everyday? Scientific Journals say most of what is happening in AI won’t actually be reality for years to come, while conspiracy theorists believe most of the internet now is purely run by AI put in place by the government and major corporations. We look to find the truth […]

Back Row | Week 141 | The Ultimate Ask Us Anything

After nearly 7 years and coming up on 600 total shows together (447 of which are for The Back Row Morning Show), Radio Matt and Mo have talked about a lot, shared way too much about themselves, and even changed in many ways. But unless you’ve had an unhealthy level of fandom towards them, there’s […]

Accepting Help in Hilda

Hilda wants to solve every problem herself, and gets in way over her head, which struck a chord with Madeline.