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DayZ: It’s All Gonna Break

Drew Dixon dived head-first into DayZ and found himself wanting to come up for air.

Beyond: Two Souls and the Illusion of Influence

As Beyond: Two Souls releases on PC, Jonathan is lamenting the lack of influence David Cage's game offers players over its world.

Salvation is Broken in Red Dead Redemption

We humans often make for lousy saviors.

Can We Talk About Video Game Addiction Without Judgement, Please?

Before we rush to defend video games from the powers at be, lets strive to have an honest conversation about video game addiction fueled by love of our neighbors.

Playing a Creator God in Okami

In Okami you play the role of a creator god, shaping and restoring what has already been made. Is it possible to tell the story of a god who creates from nothing?

Free Play Ep. 14 | Music In Video Games

These are the soundtracks that shape our gaming experiences, and we want to share that part of our lives with you.

Kentucky Route Zero: A Nostalgia for Past Aesthetic Giants

Kentucky Route Zero is all about history. Art history included.

Myst and the Art of Creation

Developers are often praised for giving players the tools with which to manipulate their worlds. By giving such power to the user, they open the door to new worlds of both creation (new maps and levels) and destruction (hacks, exploits). Often, those who go into the business of making games full-time get their start with […]