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“Dx” Articles

Two Words 31 | Major Titles

John & Radio Matt discuss the best major titles and champions! Plus, fantasy booking an AEW/WWE Forbidden Door card - and just what is going to happen during "Clash of the Castle"?

Two Words 30 | Minor Titles

John & Radio Matt take a look at the mid-card titles and the champions that made them special. Plus: Triple H's returning roster!

Two Words 29 | Helmsley Era

In the Season 4 premiere, John & Radio Matt re-cap the craziness around Vince McMahon resignation and the optimism around Triple H's new role as head of creative.

Two Words 28 | The Undertaker (Season 3 Finale)

In the Season 3 finale, John & Radio Matt put the spotlight on the one and only Phenom of the WWE - The Undertaker!

Two Words 27 | Group Project

John & Radio Matt discuss the best and worst factions of all time, as well as build and book their own fantasy factions. PLUS: Nerd Culture has taken over wrestling.