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“Burnout” Articles

NCMU 18 | XtianNinja & Battling Burnout in Search of Spiritual Purpose

On this episode of the NCMU Podcast, Mark speaks with pastor and Twitch streamer XtianNinja (Christian Ninja). Join the conversation as they talk about what it was like for him to find a renewed sense of spiritual purpose on Twitch after multiple cases of burnout, and how you can be encouraged to seek God in the midst of a troubling time.

Church Nerds 89 | Rhythm (Season 8 Premiere)

The Church Nerds return, starting a new rhythm for the show. And what better topic than rhythm itself. Bubba & Anna look at video games that follow a daytime/nighttime rhythm or make aspects of the game limited time offerings, and the FOMO games like that can cause. Then, we look at how church's do the same thing with their events calendars. How can we find balance?

The Lost Art of Boredom

We have nearly eradicated boredom, with a screen always in reach. But has all this innovation come at a much bigger cost to our mental health and creativity?

Why Are So Many Big YouTubers Quitting?

Radio Matt shares how a Bruce Almighty deleted scene showcase a deep Biblical truth about why God allows bad things to happen to people.

Church Nerds 55 | Burnout

Bubba & Anna discuss burnout, rage quitting, and all phases of emotional struggle in the gaming world and life in general.