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Star Trek: Picard (Season 3) | Reviews of the Nerds


Hey everyone, I’m Radio Matt and this is Reviews of the Nerds. Today, I’m reviewing the Paramount+ Series Star Trek: Picard (Season 3). And I’m going to try to do it without spoiling anything the previews already have.

I’ve seen the entirety of Picard. While super fun to see Jean-Luc back in action alongside a returning Seven of Nine from Voyager, and a new cast of rambunctous, reluctant heroes… the first two seasons were a bit too ambitious in my opinion and created stories that didn’t tap TOO heavily into that sweet, sweet nostalgia we all craved. They we fun, but kinda feel like “one-wacthers”, if you know what I mean.

That is why Season 3 was such a welcome change. And they knew what they had when they first started advertising. From the get-go, this was hyped as a reunion of the primary cast of The Next Generation for one last mission.

But we weren’t really sure what to expect. Would it be a one-cameo-per-episode thing that would end up feeling cheap? I’m happy to report – not at all. This ten-episode story arc is not only the best season of Picard, it may be the best season of modern Trek entirely. We not only get that sweet nostalgia hit, but we get true story progression for every single TNG main character. It’s hard to choose which character was my favorite upon return, but I’m leaning towards Worf.

Now, fans of the first two seasons might be disappointed in that aside from Picard, only two of the previous two season’s cast returns for prominant roles in Season 3, but if you are like me, you won’t miss them much. The callbacks for the villains and other members of Starfleet are absolutely delightful, and the new central character, whom I will not spoil here, was fantastic in the role and I hope we get to see more in a sequel series.

I don’t wanna go any deeper, I don’t wanna tell you the story, I don’t want to give you any hint as to what to expect, as it’ll spoil everything. So let me just close in saying, if you are a fan of The Next Generation, this is the perfect ending to their story. Better than the TNG series finale, better than Nemesis, better than the hijacked last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise FOR SURE.

And if you haven’t been a fan of the first two seasons or Picard, or have no interest in watching them first, there are a couple things that you need to know before you dive into Season 3 – but I’m sure there’s a good article that can quickly catch you up over on the Google.

That’s the review, I’m Radio Matt, and remember… swords are fun.

Reviews of the Nerds are not traditional reviews, in that we don’t offer a rating, nor do we tend to review things we don’t like. Reviews of the Nerds is all about finding the right audience for what we are reviewing.

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