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The One Resource to Rule Them All | The Complete List of LTN Resources

Love Thy Nerd aims to be an hub of information for nerds and nerd culture. Our resource lists range from tough topics to explorations of specific fandoms. Here, we have created a listing of our Resource Lists (as well as a few stand alone resources). This is a living webpage and will be updated as new resources are published.


  • The Mental Health, Recovery & Crisis Resource | A collection of outside resources, as well as LTN articles, videos, and podcasts focused around mental health, addiction & recovery, crisis & domestic violence, and more.
  • The Parenthood Resource | A collection of articles, videos, podcasts, and outside resources to help parents as they traverse the minefield of raising nerdy children.
  • The Grief & Loss Resource | A collection of articles, videos, and podcasts focused on handling losing a loved one to death or to a broken relationship.
  • The Nerd Culture / Church Culture Resource | A collection of articles, videos, podcasts, and outside resources focusing on the disconnect between nerd culture and church culture, and how we can work to mend these fences.
  • The Hope Resource | A collection of articles, videos, and podcasts focusing on finding hope in all situations.

Nerdy Topics | Inspired by Our Fandoms

  • The Dungeons & Dragons / TTRPG Resource | A collection of articles, videos, and podcasts about D&D and TTRPGs, both addressing controversy in the church and celebrating the game we love.
  • The Disney / PIXAR Resource | A collection of articles, videos, and podcasts about and inspired by Disney and PIXAR movies or series (not including Star Wars or Marvel).
  • The Star Wars Resource | A collection of articles, videos, and podcasts about and inspired by the Star Wars franchise.
  • The MCU Resource | A collection of articles, watch-orders, podcasts, and videos about or inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • The Artificial Intelligence Resource | A collection of articles, videos, and podcasts tracking the growth of A.I. over the last few years.

Reflections | Devotionals & Life Lessons

Interest Topics | Special Focuses

  • Nerd Culture Ministry Summit 2023 | A collection of audio and video keynotes and breakouts about bridging the gap between Nerd Culture and Church Culture, from our inaugural event in Marble Falls, TX.
  • The LTN Con 2022 Resource | A collection of audio and video from our LTN Con event in New Albany, IN, as well as a list of the awesome sponsors and partners that made it possible.
  • The Christmas / Advent Resource | A collection of articles, videos, and podcasts for Christmastime.
  • The Game Nights Resource | A collection of outside links, how-to’s, articles, podcasts, and videos about starting, maintaining, and the importance of community game nights.
  • The Podcasting Resource | A collection of articles about starting and maintaining a podcast.
  • The Halloween & Horror Resource | A collection of articles, outside links, and podcasts about scary movies and spooky season.

What is…? | Introductions to Programs

  • What is Twitch? | Rachel Knight introduces us to the social livestreaming platform Twitch.
  • What is Discord? | Rachel Knight introduces us to the social chat platform Discord.
  • What is Steam? | Rachel Knight introduces us to the online PC gaming platform Steam.
  • What is OBS Studio? | Rachel Knight introduces us to the online streaming software OBS Studio.

How-To’s | Help Getting Started


This resource was compiled by Rachel Knight and Radio Matt. Last Updated June 6, 2024.

Love Thy Nerd's talented writers represent a diversity of backgrounds, interests, and viewpoints, but they all share the desire to love and serve nerds with thoughtful and insightful commentary on nerd culture.

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