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Reflections: Video Games | The Complete LTN Resource List

This resource list compiles insightful articles from Love Thy Nerd, delving into various themes and narratives within popular video games. Each entry explores profound topics such as redemption, joy, obsession, family, faith, and the human condition through the lens of gaming.

Articles | Finding Growth in Video Games

  • Mortal Kombat 1: Redemption in a World of Death by Mike Mordenga | Mike Mordenga shows how the story of creation and redemption is interwoven into the lore of Mortal Kombat 1.
  • The Joy in Metroid Dread by Adam Clodfelter | The community response to Metroid Dread gives Adam old-school feels.
  • Obsession in Rise of the Tomb Raider by Matthew Birdzell | Lara Croft learns that when a drive becomes an obsession, it can distract us from what’s really important in our lives.
  • Why I Love Point & Click Adventures by Amy Cokenour | Point & click adventure games bring joy, build critical thinking skills, and are best shared with a friend.
  • It Takes Two by Aki | Examining the cooperative gameplay and emotional storytelling in It Takes Two.
  • Odin Sphere and Futile Approval by Amy Cokenour | Gwendolyn wanted to please her father rather than do what was best for herself, and Amy resonated with that conflict seen in Odin Sphere.
  • Skyrim: The Delight of a Created World by Drew Dixon | Drew Dixon reflects on how his appreciation for the beauty of Skyrim’s Tamriel is a reflection of his longing for the kingdom of God.
  • The Mark of the Medjay by Lisa Eldred | As Bayek was accosted for help because of his role as a Medjay, Lisa examined her own life to see how she could answer the cries for help around her.
  • Virtual Reality and the Desire for Control by Blake Atwood | Video games allow us to control their worlds–Blake Atwood share how his experience with Oculus Quest has forced him to come to terms with the things in life he can’t control.
  • Not Me, But We in Fall Guys by Jon Campoverde | With its team rounds and zany action, Fall Guys is a battle royale game that reminds us that we can’t always succeed by ourselves.
  • Hope for the Hurting in Final Fantasy VII Remake by Al Martens | Final Fantasy VII Remake reminded Al Martens of the power of empathy and the importance of loving people in the midst of their pain
  • Animal Crossing and Our Yearning for Paradise by David Jsa | Animal Crossing’s fruit-rich, stream-filled paradise offers us a glimmer of the world as it could be.
  • Human Capital in Darkest Dungeon by Drew Dixon | Our Chief Content Nerd Drew Dixon reflects on what Darkest Dungeon can tell us about exploitation and what it is that drives us to use other people for our own ends.
  • Forgiveness and Repentance in Final Fantasy XIII by Caitlin Eha | Final Fantasy XIII illustrates the redemptive impact one act of repentance can have upon a broken world.
  • Rationalizing Evil in Doom by Joey Thurmond | Despite Doom’s satire, its portrayal of demonic influence is hardly unbelievable with characters showing evil cannot be used for good nor excused.
  • Witnessing Joy: Creation Slum by Madeline Turnipseed | So Let Us Melt uses Daydream VR and a gorgeous soundtrack to showcase the explosive joy of creation.

  • The Cost of War in Gundam Wing by Andrew Crawford | Many mech animes glorify the violence they depict, but Mobile Suit Gundam Wing doesn’t shy away from the human cost of war.
  • Worship and Wonder in Death Stranding by Connor Felty | The dangerous yet beautiful world of Death Stranding might just move you to worship.
  • Saying Goodbye in Gris by David Jamison | As Gris overcomes her loss, the game GRIS helped David overcome his.
  • How Family Matters in Children of Morta by Cameron Franklin | Can a game pull off a class-based system where each character feels connected and like part of a family without a super cheesy story? Children of Morta does, and writer Cameron Franklin explains how.
  • Facing the Darkness in Concrete Genie by Ryan Eighmey | Ryan Eighmey explains how Concrete Genie is about light overcoming the darkness inside ourselves, in those around us, and extending love and forgiveness.
  • Fortnite: The Black Hole by Zach Carpenter, Ryan Eighmey, and Joey Thurmond | With Epic Games’s most recent PR stunt and the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2, LTN writers share their perspectives on the Black Hole Event. From appreciation to critique, writers Zach Carpenter, Ryan Eighmey, and Joey Thurmond discuss what the Black Hole Event has meant to them.
  • Love Thy Dead Neighbor in A Mortician’s Tale by Madeline Turnipseed | A Mortician’s Tale gives players a glimpse into the reality of care after death and examines how we can best respect the deceased.
  • My Most Grievous Fault: Blasphemous’ Angelic Goal by Daniel Motley | Team 17’s Blasphemous offers a glimpse of a reenchanted world, where concepts that are the bedrock of Christian faith are more than abstract terms.
  • When There’s Nowhere to Run by Drew Hood | LTN writer Drew Hood reflects on how BOOM! Studios’ Something Is Killing The Children reminds us that we all need someone to lean on.
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission and the Good Shepherd by Zach Carpenter | Writer Zach Carpenter explores ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission and how a simple question from his son reminded him that the one is just as important as the many.
  • Control is an Encouraging Love Letter to Gamers by Joey Thurmond | LTN editor Joey Thurmond shares how Remedy’s newest game, Control, masterfully celebrates both playing video games and those who play them.
  • Finding Forgiveness in Silent Hill 2 by Daniel Motley | Can a horror game remind us of forgiveness? Writer Daniel Motley shares how Silent Hill 2 helped him come to terms with previous regrets.
  • The Monsters in Our Minds by Andrew Crawford | Andrew Crawford reflects on how battling monsters in Dauntless mirrors the battle many of us face daily with our own minds.
  • The Last Guardian: Fruits of Patience by Joey Thurmond | Video game companions are built for immediate gratification, but The Last Guardian demonstrates the beauty and value in building upon imperfect bonds.
  • Charisma and Wisdom in Red Dead Redemption 2 by Michael Morejon | What can we learn about wisdom and greatness from Red Dead Redemption 2‘s charismatic leader?
  • Brothers: It is Not Good to Be Alone by Drew Dixon | Brothers is a beautifully understated and unique platformer about the value of relationships.
  • Embracing Defeat in Pyre by Joey Thurmond | ‘Pyre’ deconstructs our preconceived notions about winning, encouraging us to embrace defeat for the good of others.

Audio | Devotionals Inspired by Video Games

This resource was compiled by Radio Matt. Last Updated May 15, 2024.

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