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Hey, everyone. I’m Tieranie Albright, and this is Reviews of the Nerds.

Today I’m reviewing the third party, fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure book, Quest-O-Nomicon, from Ghostfire Gaming. Quest-O-Nomicon is the first project in Kickstarter by YouTuber Jacob Buds, who runs the channel XP to Level 3, as well as hosting the Arcane Arcade podcast and running games live for the Arcane Arcade YouTube channel. The Quest-O-Nomicon is a compendium of 13 different 1st to 3rd level stories that can easily turn into over 30 different adventures. Designed by Jacob, his wife, Spencer, and their friends Tyler and Colton, the adventures range from standard fantasy fair and horror tales to westerns and seafaring pirates.

Each adventure has three parts, so it is easy to use them for one shots or a short adventure, and you, the Dungeon Master, get to choose which path you send your party on by selecting one of two big bads or other enemies that they will face. It gives new meaning to “no game will ever be the same twice”. I backed this project on Kickstarter because I’m a big fan of XP to Level 3 in Arcane Arcade, and I know they’re very familiar with Dungeons & Dragons and custom adventures. The tier I backed included the Hardback book, a 3D bookmark, the Rolling Bones dice set, and a neat little players mat.

There were other options I did not add on like minifigures, a DM screen set, a map pack, and more. But they are all available on the Ghostfire Gaming website, so I may pick some of it up. I use Quest-O-Nomicon to run games in the Love Thy Nerd community on Discord, and it is always a hit. The adventures are easy to read and follow and very fun to run. I also like how each adventure includes genre tags and content warnings, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. This makes it easier to inform potential players of what they may face just in case they don’t want to play in a game with specific content. But even then, I find the book to be family friendly and easily adjustable to your comfort level as a DM. If you are a fan of XP to Level 3 videos, want to run more fifth edition one shots, or you’re just looking for a way to add new content to your game nights, Quest-O-Nomicon is a well written, high quality and downright fun way to do it. Whether you prefer physical or digital, you will find amazing artwork, awesome monsters, and lots of really cool story options in Quest-O-Nomicon. You can purchase it at Ghostfire Gaming’s website.

That’s all for this review. Once again, I’m Tieranie Albright. For more Dungeons & Dragons content, tune into the Love Thy Nerd Twitch for Saving Throw Saturday streams, and join the Love Thy Nerd Discord where I often run one shots for the community to join.

Remember, rolling a Nat 1 isn’t the end of the game, but may be the end of your character.

Reviews of the Nerds are not traditional reviews, in that we don’t offer a rating, nor do we tend to review things we don’t like. Reviews of the Nerds is all about finding the right audience for what we are reviewing.

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