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Church Nerds 68 | Non-Verbal Communications

This week the Church Nerds draw off of the real-life experience of Bubba losing his voice and not being able to communicate. They take a hard look at how we not only communicate non-verbally with each other, but also how God communicates with us when we can’t hear His voice as clear as we would like to.

Back Row | Week 146 | The Church of Imperfection

In this Rewind Special, Radio Matt & Mo look at how church bodies struggle with fellowship, raw emotion, hurt feelings, and a lot more.

Free Play 147 | Playstation’s Answer to Game Pass

Playstation’s subscription service is supposed to launch really soon (it could even be out now) and we’re curious about what benefits and services it’ll offer. Will there be PS5 exclusives available? Or will they just combine Playstation Plus and Playstation Now under one name and call it a day? We make some guesses and predictions.

Bible Thump | Who Are You?

Drew Dixon starts a new series out of 1 Peter to ask an important question: Who are you?

LTN Shorts Collection | Week 76

Our weekly re-cap of the exclusive Shorts aired on LTN Radio during the week of March 21st, 2022. Listen live on LTNonair.com!

Two Words 25 | Bad Attitude

John & Radio Matt discuss what is widely considered to be the greatest 5 years of WWE history - The Attitude Era - the good, the great, and the very bad. They also take a look at WrestleMania 38 and the latest news and rumors in wrestling.

Back Row | Week 145 | Back Row Brawl II

This week is devoted to crowning our final Undisputed Back Row Champion as we retire our blue belt (which as been replaced with a new purple one). 8 competitors will go head-to-head in classic games from our original podcast up through some of our favorite games from today.

Pull List 67 | How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Speculation

Chris is back from his illness to talk about the good to be found in a slow comic season, so strap in and prepare yourself for we've got comics sign!

Free Play 146 | Review Bombed

Community Content Producer Andy - aka Prodigas - asked us our thoughts on review bombing, why people feel the need to score games 0 out of 10 that haven’t even been released or give 0 or 1 scores to balance out the ratings of popular games with high ratings. Horizon Forbidden West is one such game that got hammered by negative reviews before it was even out yet. What about the idea that art is subjective? And can you share your experience with something in a review in a constructive way, even if it wasn’t necessarily a good experience? That’s what we want to talk about this week on the Free Play podcast.

Bible Thump | Humanity Restored

Drew Dixon closes out his series on the Gospel of Mark.