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Bible Thump | The Beauty of Change

Drew Dixon brings us a new message on change from Mark 13.

LTN Shorts | Week 60 | Into the Stan Lee-verse

Our weekly re-cap of the exclusive Shorts aired on LTN Radio for the week of November 29th through December 5th. Listen live on LTNonair.com!

Bible Thump | Patience in Suffering

Drew Dixon brings us into Advent season with a passage from the middle of Mark’s Gospel that connects to the reason for the season.

LTN Shorts | Week 59 | Shiny

Our weekly re-cap of the exclusive Shorts aired on LTN Radio for the week of November 22nd through November 28th. Listen live on LTNonair.com!

Church Nerds 60 | Nu Thang

Bubba & Anna discuss why some people struggle to do something new and how that translates to our faith journey as well.

Back Row 419 | Turkey Dinner | Thanksgiving Special

Radio Matt & Mo get together with some of their best friends to play some games, binge-watch some Disney+, and eat Turkey Dinner (which is actually candy corn that is flavored like Turkey Dinner). Come join the family – especially if you need a break from your real family for a couple hours.

Pull List 63 | Separation of Comics and State

Chris and Hector break out their long boxes as they look back and try to pick their top comic pulls from 2021.

Free Play 138 | Free Play Game Awards 2021

Hear what we picked as our favorite video games and table top experiences this week on the Free Play Podcast Season 5 finale.

Bible Thump | More Like Jesus

Drew Dixon takes a look at three stories from the Gospel of Mark that show us who Jesus is and what we should aspire to be more like.

Church Nerds 59 | How To Give Thanks

Bubba and Anna dive a bit deeper into the idea of celebrating a holiday that might be a source of pain for another American culture.