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Bible Thump | Kingdom Nearness

Drew Dixon shares a passage from Mark that shows us the way to get close to the Kingdom – love God, love people.

LTN Shorts | Week 57 | Bullet Time

Our weekly re-cap of the exclusive Shorts aired on LTN Radio for the week of November 8th through November 14th. Listen live on LTNonair.com!

Church Nerds 58 | Midnight Mass

Bubba & Anna can't let go of Halloween season! And so, in this week's show, they unpack the new Netflix series "Midnight Mass" in a spoiler-filled deep-dive review.

Back Row 416 – 418 | Simulation Theory

This week, Radio Matt & Mo are examining the effect the Matrix series had on society, the growing scientific idea that us being in a simulation is not only possible, but likely, and how the Simulation Theory could actually be Creationism in disguise.

Pull List 62 | Delays, New Beginnings, and Noir

Chris has a new secret lair and Hector is laying down zingers left and right as they discuss Image Comics unionizing and more DC delays.

Free Play 136 | Skyrim The Board Game

Let's take a look at the massive Skyrim - The Adventure Game that’s currently being funded on GameFound.com to see how it holds up to Skyrim the video game.

Bible Thump | Creation Care

Drew Dixon brings us a message from the Gospel of Mark that spreads a message of caring for God’s creations, from the Earth we are standing on down to our own bodies.

LTN Shorts | Week 56 | Friends

Our weekly re-cap of the exclusive Shorts aired on LTN Radio for the week of November 1st through November 7th. Listen live on LTNonair.com!

Church Nerds 57 | The Chosen Season 2

Bubba & Anna revisit The Chosen - a dramatic episodic presentation of the Gospels from Angel Studios - as Season 2 has completed it's release.

Two Words 20 | Entrance Music

There is a reason Vince McMahon calls his business “Sports Entertainment”. When you see a wrestler walking to the ring, it’s the spectacle that makes them feel larger than life. Pyro, graphics, laser lights, a video package, and the most important element – the music. The rallying cry for every hero or the looming omen […]