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Two Words

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John Birkey
John Birkey is a huge wrestling fan. But beyond that, he is a worship leader at his home church, husband to a woman he never saw coming, and a new father to a beautiful baby girl.
Radio Matt
Station Manager of LTN Radio and co-host of the "Nerd History Podcast" & the "Two Words Podcast". Matt is a third-generation radio station manager who has done pretty much every job in the radio industry. Matt is the father of two boys and a little girl. It's probably the best thing about him.


Two Words 29 | Helmsley Era

In the Season 4 premiere, John & Radio Matt re-cap the craziness around Vince McMahon resignation and the optimism around Triple H's new role as head of creative.

Two Words 28 | The Undertaker (Season 3 Finale)

In the Season 3 finale, John & Radio Matt put the spotlight on the one and only Phenom of the WWE - The Undertaker!

Two Words 27 | Group Project

John & Radio Matt discuss the best and worst factions of all time, as well as build and book their own fantasy factions. PLUS: Nerd Culture has taken over wrestling.

Two Words 26 | Hot Take

John & Radio Matt share their controversial opinions in wrestling (and some of yours too). They also go through the latest wrestling news & rumors and give their detailed WrestleMania 38 reviews.

Two Words 25 | Bad Attitude

John & Radio Matt discuss what is widely considered to be the greatest 5 years of WWE history - The Attitude Era - the good, the great, and the very bad. They also take a look at WrestleMania 38 and the latest news and rumors in wrestling.

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