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Radio Matt
Station Manager of LTN Radio and co-host of the "Nerd History Podcast" & the "Two Words Podcast". Matt is a third-generation radio station manager who has done pretty much every job in the radio industry. Matt is the father of two boys and a little girl. It's probably the best thing about him.
Deidra Coker
Co-Host of the Nerd History Podcast
Loving mother of three nerdy kiddos. Fan of Star Trek, Quantum Leap, The Office, Smallville, and too many other TV shows to count. I don't have a favorite anything, so don't ask.


Rise & Shine, Nerds 21 – 24 | Star Trek – These Are the Voyages…

In their final week featuring an overarching main discussion topic, Radio Matt & Deidra take their deepest dive yet into one of their favorite fandoms - Star Trek! They cover every show and movie, as well as love letters to the show and the fan film community.

Rise & Shine, Nerds 17 – 20 | The WGA Writers Strike (Season 2 Premiere)

Radio Matt & Deidra kick of Season 2 as they discuss the Writers Strike timeline, everything affected by the shutdowns, what the chances are that the WGA gets all of it's demands met, and what the Biblical perspective of "going on strike" is.

Rise & Shine, Nerds 13 – 16 | The Year in Nerdiness: 1985 – 1988

Radio Matt & Deidra take a trip back in time to the years 1985, 1986, 1987, and 1988 to discuss the movies, TV shows, video games, comics, and more that came out in those years! Plus, nerdy news, marital advice, a game, and Deidra's Miscellaneous Musings!

Rise & Shine, Nerds 9 – 12 | Interview with Luke Filipiak of Love Thy Nerd

Radio Matt & Deidra welcome LTN's Luke Filipiak for a full interview where we will learn about how he became who he is, his faith journey, his life as Twitch streamer & professional nerd, and his Nerd Culture Mission work with LTN! Plus, nerdy news, marital advice, a game, and Deidra's Miscellaneous Musings!

Rise & Shine, Nerds 5 – 8 | A.I. is Awesome (& Terrifying)

Radio Matt & Deidra take a comprehensive look at the ever quickening pace of AI growth and usage by the public - including Christian circles. What is coming next, how far is too far, and meet AI Jesus! Plus, nerdy news, marital advice, a head-to-head quiz, and Deidra's Miscellaneous Musings!

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