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Chris Gwaltney
Co-founder | Chief Executive Nerd
Chris is the Chief Executive Nerd of LTN and co-host of Humans of Gaming. He loves his wife and games. He lives in Ventura, California with his wife and his games.
Drew Dixon
Executive Editor at Penguin Random House. Author of Know Thy Gamer: A Parent's Guide to Video Games and founder of Love Thy Nerd.


Humans of Gaming 4 | Cara Ellison on the Art of Losing, Attack of the Game Snatchers, and Game Addiction

Cara Ellison talks about the value of asking hard questions about God, whether the feminists are ruining our games, and videogame addiction among parents.
Alan Williamson Five Out of Ten

Humans of Gaming 3 | Alan Williamson of Five Out of Ten on Mario Vs. Sonic and child like play

This week we’re joined by Alan Williamson, the Editor-in-Chief of Five out of Ten, a fantastic digital magazine about video game culture.

Humans of Gaming 2 | Michael Abbott of Brainy Gamer on Buddhist meditation and the Destiny beta

Michael Abbott, of Brainy Gamer, talks with us about his Buddhist meditation and how Earthbound conveys genuine, heartbreaking childhood.

Humans of Gaming 1 | Stu Horvath of Unwinnable

Stu Horvath joins the Gamechurch editors to discuss The Wolf Among Us, Virtual Reality, and The Secret World.

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