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Hector Miray
Hector is the co-host of the Pull List Podcast for Love Thy Nerd. He is a semi overzealous geek about most things, but to the core is a big fan of a good story. He is the primary writer behind the book series "Faith & Fandom" and travels to dozens of comicons throughout the year with the books. He is married to a medical nerd named Danyelle and has helped co-create 3 small humans with her that resemble him in appearance and passions. Hector is also the location pastor for Vertical Church's Lumberton, NC Location.


Faith & Fandom 10 | Timothy G. Huguenin: Hillbilly Author of the Strange and Spooky

Timothy G. Huguenin is a hillbilly writer of the strange and spooky, living in the dark Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. He is the author of the books Little One, When the Watcher Shakes, and Unknowing, I Sink. His short stories have appeared in various publications including Vastarien, Cosmic Horror Monthly, and The Saturday Evening Post.

Faith & Fandom 9 | Cutright: What CHH Needs Right Now

Hector welcomes Richard Cutright - indie Christian rapper, host of "Making the Cut" at Rapzilla, and comic book nerd. He'll share about his career, his faith, and the state of Christian Hip Hop.

Faith & Fandom 8 | Audrey Allen: The Life of a Pro-Wrestler

Hector is joined by Audrey Allen, an indie pro-wrestler, as they discuss life in the indie wrestling scene, how an introvert can learn to control a crowd, and a shared love of Disney.

Faith & Fandom 7 | Chris Poirier: The Nomad

Hector welcomes his friend and podcast co-host from The Pull List to talk about Chris and nomadic ways in church culture and nerd culture. Chris also shares about his non-profit gaming-focused ministry - Columbus Got Game - and his soon-to-launch business, Bytes and Brews.

Faith & Fandom 6 | El’Ja Bowens: Purpose Over Popularity

Hector welcomes El'Ja Bowens from Poetry n Motion to talk about slam poetry, mixed with nerd culture, putting purpose over popularity, and more!

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