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Podcasting | The Complete LTN Resource List

Podcasting is a powerful medium for expression, entertainment, and education. And while there are over 2.5 millions podcasts listed on Apple podcasts right now, less that 500 thousand are active… meaning there is plenty of room for you! Love Thy Nerd loves podcasting, and has been running multiple shows since the beginning – building a full-blown Podcast Network. This isn’t our biggest list, but we’ve got some fantastic resources to help you get started with your own.

How to Start a Podcast | Put Your Voice Out There!

Podcast Recording on Twitch | Add That Live Element!

  • How to Stream on Twitch by Radio Matt | Starting your own Twitch channel can feel like an overwhelming task, but we’ve got a simple set of suggested streaming steps for you.
  • What is OBS? by Rachel Knight | OBS Studio is the most popular program for streamers to get their multi-source content out in one smooth stream. Rachel Knight has written a guide for newcomers.

The Love Thy Nerd Podcast Network | Feast Your Ears!

  • Super Retro Bros. with Bubba & Matt | A weekly nostalgia dump from all areas of nerd culture.
  • Two Words Podcast with John & Radio Matt | A bi-weekly podcast about pro-wrestling.
  • The Pull List Podcast with Chris & Hector | A bi-weekly podcast about comic books.
  • Church Nerds Podcast with Bubba & Anna | A monthly topical podcast on church culture and nerd culture.
  • Bible Thump with Various Hosts | A weekly devotional featuring several voices from the LTN community and our ministry partners.
  • Faith & Fandom Podcast with Hector | A bi-weekly podcast interviewing awesome nerds.
  • Nerd Culture Ministry Underground Podcast with Mark & Bubba | A bi-weekly podcast interviewing members of the Nerd Culture Ministry Collective.
  • The RPG Rundown with Seth & Jeff | A bi-weekly podcast about Tabletop RPGs.
  • Nerd History Podcast with Radio Matt & Deidra | A bi-weekly nostalgic trip back in time.
  • Satellite Stories with Jamie | A bi-weekly testimony from video games and nerd culture.
  • ArchivedFree Play Podcast with Bubba, Matt & Kate | A weekly podcast focused mainly on video games.
  • Archived Humans of Gaming Podcast with Chris & Drew | An archived podcast that mostly featured interviews with people in the tabletop gaming industry.
  • ArchivedLTN Book Club with Various Hosts | An archived podcast that discussed different nerdy books.
  • ArchivedThe Back Row Morning Show with Radio Matt & Mo | An archived morning show that focused on comedy and nerd culture.
  • ArchivedRise & Shine, Nerds with Radio Matt & Deidra | A morning nerdy news show.

This resource was compiled by Radio Matt. Last Updated June 6, 2024.

Love Thy Nerd's talented writers represent a diversity of backgrounds, interests, and viewpoints, but they all share the desire to love and serve nerds with thoughtful and insightful commentary on nerd culture.

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