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Chris Gwaltney
Chris is the Chief Executive Nerd of LTN and co-host of Humans of Gaming. He loves his wife and games. He lives in Ventura, California with his wife and his games.
Drew Dixon
Drew is the Chief Content Nerd for Love Thy Nerd and the co-host of Humans of Gaming. He is also the editor of Explore the Bible: Students and co-hosts the weekly CaPC Digest podcast for Christ and Pop Culture. Drew has written for Paste Magazine, Relevant Magazine, Christianity Today, WORLD Magazine, and Think Christian. He lives in the Nashville, TN area with his wife and their three children.


dominik johann time vs money

Humans of Gaming 110 | Dominik Johann of Minit on Church Vocabulary and Time Vs. Money

We talk to the developer of Crows Crows Crows, Dominik Johann. Drew and Chris talk about Dominik's experiences with both church and secular language.
just being nice with bendik stang

Humans of Gaming 109 | Bendik Stang of Earthlock on Peaceful Norway and Just Being Nice

This week we talk to Bendik Stang. With a Master's degree in Virtual Reality and against all the advice from friends and family, he started his own company.
Richard Rouse III Church Cults

Humans of Gaming 108 | Richard Rouse III of The Church in the Darkness on Cults and Not Joining Groups

Drew and Chris talk to developer Richard Rouse III about the stereotypes of Boston drivers and the 10 part cult checklist.
One Hour One Life Jason Rohrer

Humans of Gaming 107 | Jason Rohrer of One Hour One Life on not being the main character in life

Jason Rohrer, developer behind games such as Diamond Trust of London and One Hour One Life talk to Drew and Chris about the role of death in his games.

Humans of Gaming 106 | PAX East 2018 Interviews Part 3

Drew is at PAX East 2018 to talk to developers on what they hope you, the gamer, gets out of the experience they have labored on. Part 3 of 3.

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