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Nerds and the Church | The Complete LTN Resource List

In an ever-evolving world where technology and popular culture play an increasingly influential role, churches have a unique opportunity to connect with and engage a diverse audience by embracing nerd culture. While some may perceive the realms of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and comic books as incongruent with religious traditions, it is precisely within these vibrant subcultures that a rich tapestry of creativity, imagination, and moral exploration can be found. By recognizing and embracing the shared values of inclusivity, community, and the pursuit of knowledge, churches can tap into the vast potential of nerd culture to foster meaningful connections, inspire dialogue, and cultivate a welcoming space for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or interests. Here is a list of resources designed to help bridge the gap between these two subcultures.

The Nerd Culture Ministry Summit 2023 | The First Conference of Its Kind!

  • NCMSummit.com | Learn all about this amazing new conference, a joint-venture from Love Thy Nerd and LUX Digital Church.
  • What is NCMS? w/Luke Filipiak | An interview from the Back Row Morning Show on what we can expect from NCMS.
  • Lux Digital Church | Learn all about our partner in hosting the Nerd Culture Ministry Summit.

Why the Church and Nerds Need Each Other | 10 Reasons to Bridge the Gap

  • 5 Reasons Nerds Need the Church by Garrett Davidson | Examining the relationship between Nerd Culture and Church Culture, here is a list of reasons Christian Nerds should find community in a church home.
  • 5 Reasons the Church Needs Nerds by Garrett Davidson | Examining the relationship between Nerd Culture and Church Culture, here is a list of reasons the church should not only welcome nerds, but should see them as a valuable resource.

Why Does Nerd Culture Matter? | Learn about Different Areas of Nerd Culture

  • Why Does Nerd Culture Matter? by the LTN Writers | Comics Books, Board Games, Cosplay, and more – take a look at different areas of nerd culture, learn what they are about and who are a part of these communities, and find out why they are important.
“Nerds are engaging and imaginative. They reflect God’s image to the world. They are sociable and diverse. And they understand brokenness and beauty. Oh, that churches might encourage and affirm the creatives in their midst and long for more to be added to their number. Wounds will be healed. Hearts—and the world—will be changed. Souls will be saved. And God will be glorified.” -Garrett Davidson

Chaotic Good | A Christian Guide to Dungeons, Dragons, and Tabletop RPGs

  • What is Dungeons & Dragons, Anyway? by Jaclyn Parrish | In the first part of our new series on D&D, Jaclyn Parrish introduces the basics of what D&D is, how it’s played, what makes it unique in the gaming world, and how it fits within the broader history and scope of RPGs in general.
  • How D&D is a Unique Storytelling Medium-and Why It Matters by Jaclyn Parrish | In this second part of our series on D&D, Jaclyn Parrish examines how D&D stands out as a completely unique storytelling medium.
  • How Playing D&D Can Make Us Better Christians by Jaclyn Parrish | This is part three of our series. Jaclyn Parrish examines the mechanics and ethos of D&D and other tabletop RPGs, providing a rationale for why and how Christians can enjoy RPGs as not only a morally neutral, but actively redemptive pastime.
  • Dungeons & Dragons and a Theology of Fun by Jaclyn Parrish | Part 4 of our series. We play D&D for the same reason we play any game: we play it because it’s fun. And if there is one thing the church of this age desperately needs, it is a robust theology of fun.

LTN Articles | Don’t Read Them During the Sermon

Church v. Nerds | A Quick History of Culture Clashes

  • Rise & Shine, Nerds | Part 1: The Satanic Panic of the 80s | Video | Audio | Radio Matt & Deidra discuss one of the most infamous conflicts between church culture and nerd culture.
  • Rise & Shine, Nerds | Part 2: Burning Harry Potter Books | Video | Audio | Radio Matt & Deidra discuss when Harry Potter became Christian Enemy #1.
  • Rise & Shine, Nerds | Part 3: Comics Code Authority & Ratings Systems | Video | Audio | Radio Matt & Deidra discuss the rise of ratings systems.
  • Rise & Shine, Nerds | Part 4: Nerd Culture Ministry | Video | Audio | Radio Matt & Deidra discuss how we can bridge the divide.

Podcast Playlists | Examining Topics from a Nerdy and Churchy Perspective

Church Culture Gone Wrong | Warnings from Recent History

  • Church Nerds | Cult of Personality | Audio | Video | Bubba & Anna take a look at personality-driven “church” cults, inspired by the HBOmax documentary about Gwen Shamblin Lara’s religious weight-loss regimen and the church built around it.
  • Church NerdsChurch Corruption | Bubba & Anna discuss Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed, The Rise & Fall of Mars Hall, and several other recent church scandals, including what could have stopped these scandals long before they came to fruition.
  • Back Row Morning Show Lessons from The Rise & Fall of Mars Hill The Unrefined The UnpreparedThe UnbelievableThe UnethicalThe UnempatheticThe Unaccountable | The Untrustworthy | The Unavoidable | Video (Parts 1 – 4)Video (Parts 5 – 8) | Radio Matt & Mo looks back at the entire documentary series The Rise & Fall of Mars Hill and discusses 8 different topics and lessons to learn from the failings of Mars Hill and it’s leadership.
  • Back Row Morning Show | The Josh Duggar Controversy | Radio Matt & Mo discuss a the wide-spread issue of sexual abuse in the Christian community and how poorly we usually handle it.
  • Back Row Morning ShowIs Bethel Music Dangerous? | Radio Matt & Mo discuss the controversy over using music produced by churches that are typically deemed as extra-Biblical or heretical.

LTN Podcasts | Don’t Listen to Them During the Sermon… Seriously

  • Church Nerds | The Things That Really Matter | Bubba & Anna discuss disagreements within fandoms that ultimately don’t matter. Obviously, this is also a problem within the church.
  • Church NerdsNerds in the Bible | Bubba & Anna rate the nerdiness of Old and New Testament figures. We know it sounds strange, but it’s deeper than it sounds, we promise.
  • Church NerdsNostalgia and Tradition | Bubba & Anna discuss how both nostalgia and tradition can be good for us, and also very bad for us as well.
  • Church NerdsIRL: Faith Debates | Bubba & Anna discuss what’s it’s like to get into debates over spiritual matters and moral stances, highlighting the right and wrong ways to approach these kinds of discussions.
  • Back Row Morning ShowWhat’s Killing Christianity? | Audio | Video | Radio Matt & Mo take a look at 3 things Christians are doing today that are making it so difficult to share the love of Christ.
  • Back Row Morning ShowThe Christian Ban-WagonAudioVideo | Radio Matt & Mo discuss Turning Red and focus on the immediate Christian backlash and how Christian keyboard warriors tend to jump to conclusions way too fast.
  • Back Row Morning ShowThe Church of Imperfection | Radio Matt & Mo discuss how churches struggles with fellowship, raw emotion, hurt feelings, and more.
  • Back Row Morning ShowEmbarrassing Church Stories | Radio Matt & Mo share listeners often hilarious stories of embarrassing moments in church they experienced.
  • Back Row Morning Show6 Long-Term Problems Church’s Discovered in 2020 | Radio Matt & Mo discuss a LifeWay article listing 6 long-term problems need to address.
  • Back Row Morning ShowWhat Young Adults Want from Church | Radio Matt & Mo go through 10 things young adults are looking for in their churches and reasons why many have stopped attending altogether.
  • Back Row Morning ShowThe Failed Disney Boycott | Radio Matt & Mo examine the 8-year Disney Boycott that Baptists (and some other Christians) participated in beginning in the late 90s and see if it accomplished anything.
  • Back Row Morning Show | Review of Faith Ba$ed | Radio Matt & Mo watched as movie that lampoons the Christian movie industry that raises some interesting points worth discussing.
  • The Pull List | Meredith Finch on Comic Writing and The Book of Ruth | Chris & Hector invite Meredith Finch to discuss her history as a writer, meeting her husband, her relationship with the Anglican Church and how faith has influenced her work.

More LTN Videos | For Real… Don’t Watch Them During the Sermon

  • Office Hours w/The CEOSermon Prep: No Filter | Join Bubba as he prepares for his message from this past weekend from a special event he was invited to.
  • Office Hours w/The CEOIs the Church Ready to Drop the Pitchforks over D&D? | Bubba welcomes Chris Mikesell to share about the introduction of TTRPGs to the youth in his church and the conversation expands from there to the wider scope of the church and the youth.
  • LTNcon! 2019Intentional Community | In a keynote session, Bubba Stallcup shares about how to to take the Love Thy Nerd model for intentional community with you wherever you go.
  • What Made Us Want to Join Love Thy Nerd? | Radio Matt – formally known as “Back Row Baptist”, running a ministry for several years under the “Back Row” banner, including “back Row Radio” – explains to his old and new listeners, what motivated him to fold Back Row into Love Thy Nerd and join up with their mission.
  • Devos on Demand (Playlist) | Quick devotionals from Drew Dixon.

Nerd Culture Ministry | A Term We Made Up

LTN Partnerships | Amazing Organizations in the Nerd Space

  • Lux Digital Church | We’re a digital church expression, devoted to the mission of Jesus. We’re a church created by gamers, for gamers and you belong here.
  • Satellite Gaming | Pointing students to Jesus Christ by Building Relationships through video games.
  • DigitalChurch.Network | Validating new expressions of the church beyond the building.
  • Safe Streamers | Safe Streamers is a community made up of viewers and streamers. We were created to be in community, so kick your feet up and let’s get to know each other.
  • SavePoint Ministries | SavePoint connects people with a real world, Christ-like church community where they can feel accepted and loved within the church and discover the forgiving love of Jesus Christ.

The Megazord Summit | Morphin’ into Something Stronger

Photo Credit: Lux Digital Church

Outside Resources | Ministries Bridging the Gap

  • Life.Church | Life.Church is one church meeting in multiple locations, and we want to help you become the person God made you to be.
  • Checkpoint Church | Checkpoint Church is the church for all people – especially nerds, geeks, and gamers. We’re here for who God made you to be.
  • Faith & Fandom | Faith & Fandom is a book series of devotional essays on Faith & Geek Culture. Bible studies on Video Games, Comic Books, Anime, Manga, Superheroes, TV, Movies, & Pop Culture at large.
  • Christian Gamers Guild | We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines where they fall.
  • The Geek Preacher | Seeking to find a fusion of geekiness and spirituality in an ever-changing world.
  • InnRoads Ministries | Gaming, Roleplaying, and more for the sake of the Gospel.
  • GMA Ministries | Connecting gamers to Christ, activating gamers in faith.
  • Open Table Ministries | Our desire is to share the love of Jesus with the gaming community in the Dayton area.
  • Christian Game Developers Conference | Christian Game Developers is an organization dedicated to helping Christians in the game industry connect with and support one another.
  • CC Gaming | We, the members of “The Christian Crew”, stand united in our effort to provide the online gaming community with a clean environment, of fellowship and exciting game play.
  • VR Church | VR Church is a spiritual community that exists entirely in the metaverse to celebrate God’s love for the world.
  • CHVRCH+ | The world’s first Virtual Reality platform committed to building digital faith communities.
  • Crossfire Faith+Gaming | We are an online faith-based community that aims to break down the barriers many gamers face: social isolation, disconnection, and stigma.
  • Nerd Chapel | A safe place for fans who are unsure about religion to explore and ask questions but also for those who are already following Jesus to enjoy both aspects of their lives at once.

This resource was compiled by Rachel Knight and Radio Matt. Last Updated June 6, 2024.

Love Thy Nerd's talented writers represent a diversity of backgrounds, interests, and viewpoints, but they all share the desire to love and serve nerds with thoughtful and insightful commentary on nerd culture.

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