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Nerd Culture Ministry Summit 2023 | The Complete LTN Resource List

In the fall of 2022, a group of Christian streamers and creators came together for the Megazord Summit, connecting to unite in focus and collaborate in many overarching goals. One of those became known as the Nerd Culture Ministry Summit (NCMS). Renaming the group the Nerd Culture Ministry Collective, NCMS planning quickly got underway, which the goal of reaching Pastors and ministry leaders to help them bridge the gap between church culture and nerd culture. The first NCMS was held in November of 2023, in Marble Falls, TX, featuring expert speakers who are deeply versed in nerd culture, drawing on countless stories, wisdom, and experiences to breathe encouragement into pop-culture loving communities of believers.

The Nerd Culture Ministry Summit 2023 | The Full Livestream

  • The Full Livestream Event | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Experience the entire virtual event, start to finish, just as it was broadcasted.

Keynotes and Q&As | Our Amazing Speakers

  • Matt Souza – Into the Quantum Realm | YouTube | Spotify | You may not know it, but there is a whole world of ministry happening right under your nose. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there are people livestreaming, chatting in WhatsApp, posting on social media, and gathering around table-top games, with the express mission to share the love of Jesus with nerds and nerd culture. Let us give you at least a small window into that world; what those ministries look like, and the impact they are having in the lives of real people, all over the globe. And, let us help give you eyes to see how great the need is to reach this community of over 3.2 billion people in even greater ways.
  • Q&A with Matt Souza | YouTube | Spotify | Mark Lutz hosts and question and answer session with Matt Souza after his keynote.
  • Mike Erre – Genuine Love. Sincere Interest. | YouTube | Spotify | In the gaming world, the phrase “Are ya winning son?” has become notorious. Nerds are tired of having someone ask about their passions with insincere interest. And I think all of us can relate to this. We all have something that we get excited to talk about – our eyes light up when someone asks about it. But we’ve also all experienced moments when as soon as we start talking about it, we see everyone around us lose interest. We recede inward, and learn not to share about what gets us excited. But we know both experientially, and neuroscientifically, that those moments when someone doesn’t do that – when they engage and have sincere interest in our passions – are moments that form some of the deepest relational connections and attachments. And we know that it is on the foundation of those deep relational connections and attachments that we can most effectively speak truth into the lives of those around us.
  • Q&A with Mike Erre | YouTube | Spotify | Mark Lutz hosts and question and answer session with Mike Erre after his keynote.
  • Bubba Stallcup – Next  Gen: 3D [Developing Digital Disciples] | YouTube | Spotify | There are times when it’s difficult or impossible to gather in person, and you may be scrambling to find ways to disciple your students. However, there’s a massive mission field just waiting for youth workers to plug into. You can connect with youth in a way that is both relational and deeply relevant to their lives—all without leaving your home or office. This mission field is the digital world of video games. There is tremendous value in gathering together with your students through the medium of video games, but it can be difficult to know where to start—or why you should! Love Thy Nerd, in partnership with Satellite Gaming and UYWI, have put together a collection of resources to help you and your students thrive through digital discipleship, not only during uniquely challenging times but far into the future.
  • Q&A with Bubba Stallcup | YouTube | Spotify | Mark Lutz hosts and question and answer session with Bubba Stallcup after his keynote.
  • Jaclyn S. Parrish – Nerds in Your Midst: Your Nerdy Neighbors | YouTube | Spotify | Who are we talking about when we talk about nerds? The reality is, you probably interact with a lot more nerds than you realize. In some ways, you may even be a nerd without realizing it!
  • Q&A with Jaclyn S. Parrish | YouTube | Spotify | Mark Lutz hosts and question and answer session with Jaclyn S. Parrish after her keynote.
  • Steve Valdez –  Nerd Ministry in Your Church: Tangible Steps You Can Take | YouTube | Spotify | There are a lot of ways to get involved. You may decide you want to start a digital ministry, a local ministry, or a NextGen ministry. You may decide that you want to lead a group of folks from your church on a Nerd Culture Missions Trip. Or, you may decide that the best thing you can do is support one of these existing ministries financially. Whatever role you’re being called to play, we want to help you with some practical next steps to get started.
  • Q&A with Steve Valdez | YouTube | Spotify | Mark Lutz hosts and question and answer session with Steve Valdez after his keynote.

Breakouts | Class is in Session

  • Kiran Skariah – International Ministry | YouTube | Spotify | Reaching people far beyond your home country.
  • Mark Lutz – Digital Churches | YouTube | Spotify | What church looks like in the digital space.
  • Zach Miller – Everything Speaks | YouTube | Spotify | Using spaces, culture, and everything that’s not words to communicate in a compelling way.
  • Alex Magnus Lehmann – The Developer Story | YouTube | Spotify | A testimony of doing digital work for God.

Partners | Amazing Sponsors

  • Interview with Tim from Gloo | YouTube | Official Website | Connect to people, partners, content, funding opportunities, and more—to help you achieve your goals and change more lives.
  • Interview with Mike & John from the IMB | YouTube | Official Website | The International Missions Board – Reaching the nations, together.
  • Interview with Chris from The Guilded Grayland | YouTube | Official Website | Your Friendly Local Game Store located in Shawnee, OK, offering a variety of gaming options for both purchase and play.
  • Interview with Eunice from Bible X / Gate Zero | YouTube | Official Bible X Website | Official Gate Zero Website | Gate Zero is a story-rich adventure game that allows you to “play the Bible”. Travel back in time to explore ancient Israel, interact with gospel stories and examine the deeper meaning of Jesus’ words.
  • Interview with Alex & Matt from Stadia | YouTube | Official Website | Helping start new churches that thrive, grow, and multiply.
  • Interview with Wes from Venture | YouTube | Official Website | The scalable digital discipleship answer to digital evangelism.
  • First Baptist Church Marble Falls | Official Website | Life in Christ is what we are all about, and everyone, regardless of their past, is warmly invited to journey with us.
  • New Thing Network | Official Website | We exist to catalyze reproducing disciples, leaders, churches, networks, and movements.
  • Exponential | Official Website | You’re A Multiplier. We’re Here To Help You Multiply.
  • Voxology Podcast | Official Website | A home for the spiritually homeless.
  • Replenish | Official Website | Replenish your soul.
  • Reliant | Official Website | Serving the Church. Mobilizing People. Inspiring Confidence.
  • PlainJoe Studios | Official Website | A Storyland Studio are a team of down-to-earth designers, artists, architects, strategists, specialists, and problem solvers who design branded experiences in the faith and nonprofit sectors.
  • Leadership Network (now Exponential NEXT) | Official Website | Exploring innovative models, methods, and approaches to reaching, discipling, and mobilizing people with a strong focus on church planting.
  • Skar Ministries | Official Website | Reaching people where they are.
  • DomeDock | Official Website | America’s #1 hat rack.
  • Satellite Gaming | Official Website | Pointing students to Jesus Christ by building relationships through video games.

Podcasts | Nerd Culture Ministry Underground

  • Episode 0: Welcome to the Underground | Spotify | In this inaugural episode of the Nerd Culture Ministry Underground (NCMU) Podcast Pastor Mark from Lux Digital Church and Pastor Savage introduce the show and let you know what to expect next!
  • Episode 1: Pastor Doostyn and Teaching the Bible on Twitch | Spotify | In this episode of the NCMU Podcast Pastor Mark from Lux Digital Church and Pastor Savage get to hang out with Pastor Doostyn from the great country of Texas! Doostyn tells us about his journey that led him to streaming, how he got his physical church on board and supportive, and he gives some advice for people that might be starting out today!
  • Episode 2: Matt & Amanda and Starting GSC | Spotify | In this episode of the NCMU Podcast, Pastor Mark from Lux Digital Church and Pastor Savage get to hang out with Matt and Amanda Souza from God Squad Church! Matt and Amanda tell us about how God moved them to start a fully digital church for gamers years before anyone else would even dream of the idea. Matt and Amanda have inspired many of the digital missionaries that you see on Twitch and most of whom you will hear from on this show. These pioneers share their story and some of the things they wish they had known when they first got started.
  • Episode 3: Bubba and Love Thy Nerd | Spotify | In this episode of the NCMU Podcast, Pastor Mark from Lux Digital Church and Pastor Savage get to hang out with Bubba from Love Thy Nerd! Bubba tells the story of how God led him and a small team to start a missions organization that seeks to be the love of Jesus to nerds and nerd culture. The ministry field of gamer and nerd culture extends far beyond Twitch, and LTN is leading the way in helping the broader Church bridge the gap between nerds and church culture.
  • Episode 4: Aki and Momma Peach and Streaming with Your Entire Family | Spotify | In this episode of the NCMU Podcast Pastor Mark from Lux Digital Church and Pastor Savage get to hang out with Aki and Momma Peach from The Adventures of Aki and Fam! We get to talk about how they stream with their entire family, making a home on Twitch for those that don’t have a home, and how to partner your streaming journey with your local church. This show got real more then once and it’s a must listen to anyone married who wants to start streaming as a ministry.
  • Episode 5: SouzyLive and How to Get Started on Twitch | Spotify | In this episode of the NCMU Podcast Pastor Mark from Lux Digital Church gets to hang out with Matt from SouzyLive! After hearing from Souzy last month in our conversation about GSC we have him back on the show to talk about his streaming journey. Matt is one of the few that blazed the trail and inspired many of the people we see in the space today! Learn from his 8.5+ years of experience as a content creator and a live streamer and what it really takes to make it as an evangelist on Twitch!
  • Episode 6: Jate Earheart and the Origin Story of a Digital Missionary | Spotify | In this episode of the NCMU Podcast Pastor Mark from Lux Digital Church gets to hang out with Jate from JateLive! Jate has an amazing story of how he got started in live streaming and full time content creation. It’s a genuine Jonah story! Hear how Jate left a very successful and promising carrier to follow Jesus into the unknown of live streaming and digital missions!
  • Episode 7: Jared Stewart from Video Game Ministries and Local Esports | Spotify | In this episode of the NCMU Podcast Pastor Mark from Lux Digital Church gets to hang out with Jared from Video Game Ministries! Jared gives us a great look at how he stepped out of full time vocational ministry to walk through whatever doors God would open in the world of gaming. He offers some great advice for getting into local Esports in High Schools as a source of income and challenges us to question and examine our motives before we get into gaming ministry.
  • Episode 8: Steve Valdez and SavePoint Ministries | Spotify | In this episode of the NCMU Podcast, we hear from Steve Valdez of SavePoint Ministries about his youth pastor roots, calling into nerd culture ministry and how he connects people online to physical nerd-friendly churches.

  • Episode 9: Luke & Asia Filipiak and Living the Married Twitch Life | YouTube | Spotify | In this episode we hear from Luke and Asia Filipiak, a married couple highly involved in Nerd Culture ministry both with Love Thy Nerd as an organization and through their own personal livestreams.
  • Episode 10: Mike Erre & Reaching an Emerging Generation | YouTube | Spotify | In this episode we hear from Mike Erre, teaching pastor of Journey Church in Brentwood, TN and host of the Voxology podcast. Listen in as he and Mark talk about how the church tends to lag behind when it comes to reaching an emerging generation.
  • Episode 11: Jaclyn S. Parrish & the Friendship-Building Power of D&D | YouTube | Spotify | In this episode Bubba talks with Jaclyn S Parrish, Director of Marketing at South Western Theological Seminary and keynote speaker at the 2023 Nerd Culture Ministry Summit. Join the conversation as Jaclyn speaks on the importance of community and how dungeons and dragons can help people find friendships in the places they already are.
  • Episode 12: MmamaLlamaFace & the Gospel Work in Livestreaming | YouTube | Spotify | Mark and Bubba sit down with Cheroney, known online as MmamaLlamaFace in her livestreams on Twitch and Kick. Join the conversation as they chat about how livestreaming can be Gospel work and how she balances that with a husband and children while remaining relevant and effective in the space.
  • Episode 13: Johno & the Collegiate Level Ministry in ESports | YouTube | Spotify | In this episode Mark talks to John Merrit, ESports Director at Oklahoma Wesleyan university, about his testimony and how God called him to nerd culture ministry at the collegiate level.
  • Episode 14: Jon Rush & Grinding as a Gaming Pastor | YouTube | Spotify | In this episode Jon Rush, gaming pastor at elevation church, joins Bubba to talk about His journey to from aspiring professional halo player to helping to lead and develop nerd culture ministry at one of the largest churches in the US. Join the conversation as they look at ways to increase your accountable influence by raising the bar for expectation and excellence.
  • Episode 15: The NCMS Panel & Loving and Serving Nerds Where They Are | YouTube | Spotify | In this season 1 finale of the NCMU Podcast, Mark interviews Christian content creators and Nerd Culture Missionaries Johno, Amanda Souza, Pastor Skar and MmamaLlamaFace live from the first ever Nerd Culture Ministry Summit. Join the conversation as they share about the ways that God is moving through them as they try to better love and serve the nerds in their spaces.

This resource was compiled by Radio Matt. Last Updated January 15, 2024.

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