OCTOBER 14 – 16, 2022




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What Is LTN Con?

Love Thy Nerd exists to show the love of Jesus to nerds and nerd culture. We started LTN Con to bring our community together while providing the tools needed to help you love and serve your nerdy neighbors better, like Jesus would. LTN Con 2022 features  keynote speaker Jaclyn Parrish (Southwestern Seminary), breakout sessions focusing on specific areas of nerdom, open gaming, events, giveaways, and more! The theme of LTN Con 2022  is “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” and we are encouraging nerds to explore different fandoms, learn new games, play with new people, and participate in a breakout on a topic that isn’t familiar to them in order to understand another area of nerd culture they may not know much about.

Who Is LTN Con For?

LTN Con is for anyone and everyone, not just for Nerds! If you’re interested in learning how to connect with nerds, LTN Con is for you too! Whether it’s learning about nerd culture from our keynote speaker, breakout sessions from experts in the field, playing tabletop or video games, meeting new friends (or online friends IRL for the first time), or discovering a new nerdy passion, there will be something for you! We’d love to see you there! 

When Is LTN Con?

LTN Con will take place October 14th-16th! 

We also host a special night for our supporters (otherwise known as the Fellowship of the Nerd) the day before LTN Con kicks off. For more information on that and to join the Fellowship visit lovethynerd.com/partner.

Where Is LTN Con?

LTN Con is being hosted by our partners at Sojourn Church New Albany in New Albany, Indiana located just outside Louisville, Kentucky.

How Much Does It Cost?

Early bird registration is $75 for adults and $25 for teens! Early bird prices expire August 20th. Admission for adults starts at $100 beginning August 21st. 

Why Should I Come?

Why not? We have some expert speakers that are deep and well versed in nerd culture with countless stories, wisdom, and experiences to speak on. An open gaming area complete with a game library as well as a place to bring and share your favorites. Events and tournaments with games ranging from Magic The Gathering to Mario Kart. A local vendor hall with everything from games to artwork and last but not least, giveaways! Who doesn’t love giveaways?

Still not convinced? Click below to see all our guest speakers and the entire event schedule!


Jaclyn Parrish

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


Why Nerds Make the Best Friends (and how you can, too!)

Why Geeking Out is Essential to Life

10.14.22 | 7:30p ET  &  10.15.22 | 9a ET

Jaclyn is the Director of Marketing at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. She holds a B.A. in English and Christian Studies from Dallas Baptist University and an M.A. in Religion from the B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. She has written for The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, and Slayage: The Journal of Whedon Studies. She loves eating kouign amann, reading Terry Pratchett, watching Psych, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.


Matt and Bubba


Love Thy Nerd

10.15.22 | 9p ET

Being an LTN Volunteer

Hear all about the in’s and out’s of Love Thy Nerd, opportunities and needs in ministry, and what it takes to be a volunteer. All from the founders, CEO Bubba Stallcup and COO Matthew Warmbier.


Next Level Web

10.15.22 | 4p ET

Making great Christian games: How I made over $425k on Kickstarter with Deliverance (and how I almost ruined it)

Have you ever noticed that there are not many interesting Christian games out there? I did, and I got salty about it. I challenged God to make a great game, and he responded by sending me on a journey that changed my life, my company’s direction, and more. What does it take to make a great Christian board game? I’ll tell you, I’ll answer questions, and I won’t hold anything back.

Drew Dixon

Steve VanMeter & 
Joe Clarke

Forge Gaming

10.15.22 | 11a ET

Home LAN

The LAN Party. Thing of the past? Or could this still be a relationally exciting way to gather and reach your friends? If you’ve ever wanted to put on your very own LAN party at home, we’d love to help you get started! We’ll provide you with some wisdom and thoughts on running an intentional home LAN along with what gear and logistics it takes to pull it off.


Asia The Girl

10.15.22 | 4p ET

Real Life Online

Real life is a shared experience because of our most precious longing: connection. This longing for connection breaks through all physical barriers, creating a beautiful opportunity for real life online.


Role Playing Games

10.15.22 | 11a ET

RPG Pannel

Tabletop RPGs – What are they? How do I get started? Why they are beneficial even to Christians?



10.15.22 | 11a ET

Which Loki Are You? Exploring Facets of Personality and Perspective

Teen Track

How are you wired? How do you recharge, perceive the world, make decisions, and approach life? You’ll have an opportunity to learn about your own personality and preferences. And we’ll look at which characters you’re most like in some of your favorite fandoms.

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