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LTN Radio | Week 13 | Gaming with a Sabbath Mindset

About This Episode

Our weekly re-cap of the Specials, Shorts, and Exclusives aired on LTN Radio for the week of Jan. 3rd through Jan. 10th. Listen live on LTNonair.com!


JAN. 3, 2021 | BIBLE THUMP

I’ve Got Good News

Drew Dixon returns to Bible Thump as he kicks off a new series based out of the Gospel of Mark.




Are There Too Many Streaming Services?

I mean, who doesn’t love a good binge-watching session with their favorite streaming TV show? But it seems to be getting harder and harder to get everything we want in one place. This classic episode is from Free Play.



JAN. 6, 2021 | LTN SPECIAL: LTNcon! 2020

Who Are the Otaku? (w/Cecilia Rose)

In this collection of 3 sessions from Cecilia Rose, we learn who the Otaku are, hear a testimony from a member of the community, and learn how to minister to them and care for the mental health of the community. Taken from LTNcon! 2020.



JAN. 8, 2021 | CHURCH NERDS REWIND (Player at top of page.)

Rewind 5 | Gaming with a Sabbath Mindset

In this classic episode of “Church Nerds”, Bubba and Anna discuss having a sabbath in video gaming. Also, the Christian Songs of Yesteryear! And, do you Stardew?



JAN. 10, 2021 | BIBLE THUMP

A World of Bad News

Drew Dixon continues his new series based out of the Gospel of Mark on the Good News of Christ, which is much needed in the wake of constant bad news.




Episode Hosts

Drew Dixon
Drew is the Chief Content Nerd for Love Thy Nerd and the co-host of Humans of Gaming. He is also the editor of Explore the Bible: Students and co-hosts the weekly CaPC Digest podcast for Christ and Pop Culture. Drew has written for Paste Magazine, Relevant Magazine, Christianity Today, WORLD Magazine, and Think Christian. He lives in the Nashville, TN area with his wife and their three children.
Bubba Stallcup
Co-founder | Chief Community Nerd
Bubba is the Chief Community Nerd, host of the Free Play podcast and one of the founding members of Love Thy Nerd. He serves as Technology Director at First Baptist Church of Marble Falls, TX. Bubba, and his wonderful wife Anna, have 3 children who are pretty good most of the time. A communal gamer at heart, Bubba loves to get in and play games with other people #gameNightIStheRightNight
Matt Warmbier
Co-founder | Chief Outreach Nerd
Matt is the Chief Outreach Nerd and host of the Free Play podcast for Love Thy Nerd. When not bustin’ his rump for LTN, Matt can be found, more than likely, playing Gloomhaven. He and his wife Erin have something like a billion kids, and they all love to be in the woods all the time. If you follow him on Instagram, everything he posts is a day behind. You’ve been warned.
Anna Stallcup
Anna Stallcup has been loving her personal nerd since 2008. She enjoys co-op tabletop games and hosting game nights with her husband.
Radio Matt
Station Manager of LTN Radio and co-host of "The Back Row Morning Show", Matt originally started as "Back Row Baptist" online, sparking an entire ministry that culminated years later in "Back Row Radio" - now joined forces with Love Thy Nerd to form "LTN Radio". Matt is a third-generation radio station manager who has done pretty much every job in the radio industry. He is also active in the Celebrate Recovery ministry, celebrating over a decade of freedom from past addictions. Matt and his wife Deidra have 2 ornery boys and a baby girl.
Megan "Mo" Oaks
Co-host of "The Back Row Morning Show", Mo has been an active part of LTN Radio (formerly Back Row Radio) since its inception. Mo is currently working towards her teaching degree. She and her husband Chris have three amazing kids and too many pets to count.
Hector Miray
Hector is the co-host of the Pull List Podcast for Love Thy Nerd. He is a semi overzealous geek about most things, but to the core is a big fan of a good story. He is the primary writer behind the book series "Faith & Fandom" and travels to dozens of comicons throughout the year with the books. He is married to a medical nerd named Danyelle and has helped co-create 3 small humans with her that resemble him in appearance and passions. Hector is also the location pastor for Vertical Church's Lumberton, NC Location.

Episode Discussion

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