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Love Thy Nerd Swag Gift Guide

What’s up nerd? We’ll walk you through all the dope merch we offer in our store so you know exactly what to pick up for the holidays for yourself or the nerd in your life. Order now and get your swag in time for the holidays!


Love Thy Nerd Black Hoodie (unisex): $35.00

Our LTN exclusive hoodies are a super soft and comfortable way to tell the world how much you love nerds. Each hoodie sports a sizable front pocket for any of your nerd stuff you just can’t leave at home. Hoodies are unisex sizing with sizes ranging from Small to XXX-Large.

Love Thy Nerd Black T-shirt: $20.00

Women’s fit: $20.00

We have Love Thy Nerd black t-shirts in both women’s and men’s sizes to guarantee that you get the fit that you’re looking for. We recommend wearing it as often as possible. Everyday even. Just… don’t forget to wash it.

Lanyard: $5.00 each

Nerds love lanyards. Our Love Thy Nerd lanyard is a great fit for your keys, your badge at a convention, or whatever else you decide to attach to it. Definitely grab one. Or five.

Sticker: $2.00 each

Who doesn’t love stickers? Snag a Love Thy Nerd vinyl sticker and stick it anywhere a sticker can be stuck (which is basically anywhere, right?). Let your nerd heart lead the way.

Button: $3.00 each

Grab a Love Thy Nerd button. Then grab a lanyard to put it on. Perfect pair.


**We get both our custom stickers and buttons made through Sticker Mule. Not only do they make awesome products, but they’re always having amazing deals. Win-win!**

Check out https://www.stickermule.com/deals for their latest deal and get something made!

Kate is a co-founder, admin coordinator, and best girl host of the Free Play podcast for Love Thy Nerd. Some of her favorite games ever are Red Dead Redemption 2, the Assassin's Creed franchise, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Kate has a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology and thinks games research is awesome. Her husband Steven says that she dies too much in games.

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