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Build Your Jurassic Dream Team with Dino Dunk!

“Dinosaurs and basketball! That looks awesome!”

Apparently, Cody Stevens, designer of Dino Dunk! understands the minds of 10-year-olds, as this combination was enough to arrest the attention of my oldest son while we walked around on family day at Gen Con. And honestly, who hasn’t dreamt of fielding a basketball team made up entirely of Jurassic-age creatures? As a father of five kids, I am always on the lookout for games that I can play with my whole family. Dino Dunk! from Twin City Games is an endearing dexterity* game simple enough for children to pick up quickly yet strategic enough to hold the attention of their parents.

Dino Dunk! is a dexterity game in which 2–4 players try to score goals by flicking wooden disks representing dinosaurs or balls across a colorful prehistoric playmat. Each dinosaur has a unique ability that enhances its gameplay, and players are able to choose their lineup based on those abilities. For kids who are aspiring paleontologists, I imagine choosing a lineup based on your favorite dinosaurs would be just as fun!

My kids love how hands-on this game is, and how easy it is to set up and play. The unique abilities of each dino add a level of interest and skill to an otherwise simple game. Being able to manipulate and flick characters is a big draw for our young, active gamers. The durability of the double sided game mat and wooden pieces is a big draw for parents of those young, active gamers. While my family probably qualifies as a hardcore tabletop family, there are times when we want quick setup, fast-paced and lighthearted playthrough, and easy cleanup. Dino Dunk! fits the bill here, without feeling like we’re sacrificing fun.

* LTN Gamesplain: Dexterity games require players to use manual dexterity or hand-eye coordination to to accomplish a task or goal.

Play count: 6 times
Player age: 7–36 years old

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Dino Dunk! is easy enough for kids to learn while providing enough strategic elements to keep the interest of their parents. It would also make for a welcome first entry into dexterity games for most any game group.

Matt is the CPO & Founder of LTN as well as one of the hosts of the Free Play podcast. When not bustin’ his rump for LTN, Matt can be found, more than likely, playing Gloomhaven. He and his wife Erin have something like a billion kids, and they all love to be in the woods all the time. If you follow him on Instagram, everything he posts is a day behind. You’ve been warned.

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