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Hulk: The Bruce Banner MCU Watch Order

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a vast and interconnected world filled with iconic characters and storylines. Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk, is one of the most beloved characters in the MCU, portrayed mainly by Mark Ruffalo. If you’re a fan of the Green Goliath and want to experience his journey in the MCU in chronological order, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you through the chronological viewing of every MCU project featuring Bruce Banner.


1. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

PG-13 | 112 MIN | RT: 67% / 69% | IMDB: 6.6

The journey begins with The Incredible Hulk (2008), starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. This film follows Banner’s early attempts to control his transformations into the Hulk and his ongoing pursuit by General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. It’s the second installment in the MCU, but it provides essential background on Banner’s character.

2. The Avengers (2012)

PG-13 | 143 MIN | RT: 91% / 91% | IMDB: 8.0

Next, we jump ahead to The Avengers (2012). Mark Ruffalo takes over the role of Bruce Banner in this film, replacing Edward Norton. The Avengers sees Banner reluctantly team up with Earth’s mightiest heroes, including Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, to face off against Loki and his alien army.

3. Iron Man 3 (2013) – Optional

PG-13 | 130 | RT: 79% / 78% | IMDB: 7.1

Although the Hulk doesn’t appear in Iron Man 3, this film is set shortly after the events of The Avengers. It explores the aftermath of the Battle of New York and its impact on Tony Stark’s life, which indirectly ties into the larger MCU narrative. Bruce Banner’s role is essentially a gag at the very end, but one that showcases his developing friendship with his Avengers teammate.

4. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

PG-13 | 141 MIN | RT: 76% / 82% | IMDB: 7.3

In Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Banner continues to grapple with the Hulk within himself, and he plays a significant role in the team’s efforts to defeat Ultron. The film also provides more insight into his relationship with Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow.

5. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

PG-13 | 130 MIN | RT: 93% / 87% | IMDB: 7.9

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) is a pivotal film for Bruce Banner. Stranded on the planet Sakaar, Banner has been in Hulk form for years. He must regain control of his human self and join forces with Thor to prevent the destruction of Asgard. This film adds depth to Banner’s character and provides comic relief.

6. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

PG-13 | 149 MIN | RT: 85% / 92% | IMDB: 8.4

In Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the stakes are higher than ever. Bruce Banner, back on Earth, joins the fight against the mighty Thanos and his quest to collect the Infinity Stones. Banner’s struggle to unleash the Hulk sets up important developments in the following film.

7. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

PG-13 | 181 MIN | RT: 94% / 90% | IMDB: 8.4

Avengers: Endgame (2019) concludes the epic saga of the Avengers and Bruce Banner’s arc. It delves into the consequences of the events in Infinity War and offers closure for many characters, including Banner.

8. She-Hulk: Attorney-at-Law (2022)

TV-14 | 3 HR 54 MIN | RT: 77% / 32% | IMDB: 5.3

While Bruce Banner isn’t in the entirety of the series, he is a key factor in the start of the series, training his cousin Jennifer Walters. And then in the final episode, the future of Hulk’s storyline is teased heavily.

Watching every MCU project featuring Bruce Banner in chronological order offers a comprehensive and immersive experience of his character’s development. From his early struggles with the Hulk to his pivotal role in the Avengers, Bruce Banner’s journey is a vital component of the larger MCU narrative. So, gather your favorite MCU films and series and embark on this incredible adventure through the world of the Hulk.

Last Updated: November 27, 2023
All images used in this article are courtesy of Marvel Studios.

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