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Gate Zero: Doing the Impossible

“Christian” video games have historically struggled to make a significant impact. From the peculiar mechanics of Bible Adventures on the classic NES, where players could hurl horses onto Noah’s ark like Mario hurls turnips in Super Mario Bros. 2, to watching your character get really sad after eliminating followers of the Anti-Christ in Left Behind: Eternal Forces on the PC, these games have often missed the mark.

However, it’s worth mentioning that LarryBoy and the Bad Apple on Game Boy Advance managed to stand out as a decent puzzle platformer.

Nonetheless, a new contender is on the horizon, poised to revolutionize the world of Christian video games, much like The Chosen has done for Christian filmmaking. This game promises to be immersive, authentic, and visually stunning, representing a significant leap forward in quality that has been long overdue. In other words, Bible X is accomplishing what I thought was impossible.

Photo Credit: Bible X

I had the opportunity to witness gameplay footage of Gate Zero, then known as Bible X, at LTNcon 2022 in New Albany, IN. However, it wasn’t until recently that I got my hands on the demo. The demo provides background information on the protagonist, who hails from roughly 50 years in the future, and explains the reasons behind the existence of this time-traveling experience. It also allows players to explore Jerusalem, starting from the outskirts near the Golden Gate.

Right from the start, the level of detail in this game is impressive, rivaling or surpassing many other games of this style I have experienced. Even in its early demo stage, the controls are simple and intuitive. As I ran towards the Golden Gate, I encountered remnants of palm branches left behind when Jesus rode in on a donkey and was welcomed by the crowd.

That single detail took my breath away and marked the moment when I truly felt immersed in the story. I was transported to that time and place, catching up to Jesus and his disciples. After playing through the demo events, which effectively showcased some early mechanics, I took the opportunity to explore as much of the level as possible, pushing the boundaries of the game.

You can hear more about the demo gameplay and see some of the footage in this special episode of Reviews of the Nerds by Donnesa McPherson:

While exploring within the level, I saw sizable rooms where individuals seemed to be engaged in prayer or preparing for a significant event. I stumbled upon a bustling outdoor market teeming with clay pots, fresh produce, and livestock. I even assisted a farmer in rounding up his sheep before the wolves could attack. While some elements were clearly unfinished or inaccessible, subsequent footage released since the initial demo has showcased the substantial progress that Bible X has made as they prepare for the launch of their Gate Zero Kickstarter campaign on June 6th, 2023.

Photo Credit: Bible X

Gate Zero draws inspiration from the timeless stories of the Bible and weaves together faith, mystery, and revelation into an enthralling narrative. Bible X has crafted a breathtaking tapestry of gameplay that delves into the depths of spirituality and divine intervention. Prepare to be fully immersed in a world where biblical wonders come to life, leaving you awestruck.

The gates to this biblical marvel are about to swing open, inviting you to step into the divine realms of Gate Zero and make an indelible mark on this extraordinary adventure. Brace yourself for a gaming experience that transcends ordinary bounds and reaches divine heights!

Gate Zero is a PC game that allows you to travel back in time and explore ancient Israel, interact with gospel stories, and delve into the profound meaning behind Jesus’ words. This immersive third-person puzzle game features stunning graphics, a rich story, and creative puzzles to solve.

Photo Credit: Bible X

We are proud to award Gate Zero with our prestigious “Love Thy Nerd Loves This Game” seal of approval. We wholeheartedly encourage you to support this project on Kickstarter and join us in anticipating its final release.

You can watch my interview with Eunice Lenk, the Marketing & Community Manager for Bible X at LTNcon 2022, here:

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