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Blue Beetle & the Legacy We Leave

Kathryn Fisher takes a look at the legacy we build and how we build it, inspired by the latest DC movie, Blue Beetle.

The Shift Early Review

Radio Matt gives an early non-spoiler review for The Shift from Angel Studios (the same people behind The Chosen). Is this the shift in Christian film quality we've been waiting for?

Under Video Game Pressure

Ryan Eighmey shares his struggles to keep up with the latest video games when life gets in the way, and why we shouldn't feel pressured to push ourselves.

Mortal Kombat 1 & Redemption in a World of Death

Mike Mordenga shows how the story of creation and redemption is interwoven into the lore of Mortal Kombat 1.

The Fellowship of the Ring & Our Powerlessness Over Temptation

Iris Cruz takes a look at powerlessness through the lens of The Fellowship of the Ring. This article focuses on our need for God and accountability partners to help us fighting our temptations.

Redeeming Halloween: The Love of Jesus & Full-Size Candy Bars

Craig Nash explores the history of Halloween and dives into the Christian response to the holiday, to the spookiness, and to other Christians opinions.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: LTN’s Definitive and Comprehensive Watch Order

With a storyline so massive, it has separate "sagas", the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be confusing to navigate. In our painstakingly researched viewing guide, we provide the perfect watch order, every optional series or short, and watch guides for each movie or series. A more complete MCU viewing guide, you'd be hard-pressed to find.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts: You Are Not Alone

Kathryn Fisher shares with us a reflection from the latest Transformers movie and how it shows us we are never as alone as we may feel.

Sidequests & Connection in Final Fantasy XVI

Ryan Guerra takes us through what the sidequests of Final Fantasy XVI and what they have taught him about human connection.

Mansions of Madness In-Depth

Craig Falvo takes a deep dive in the tabletop game "Mansions of Madness" with everything you need to know before jumping in!