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Staying Grounded Amidst the NIJISANJI Drama

Gwen Leong takes a look at the drama from the last few months in the NIJISANJI VTuber community, as well as where we can go from here.

Drawing Out Fear: Mastery, Legacy, and Service in The Boy and The Heron

Elliot Iannello dives into Miyazaki's final masterpiece, "The Boy and Heron" — a deeply personal journey blending fantasy with poignant symbolism, capturing a legacy of lessons woven through a mesmerizing, symbolic narrative.

The Lost Art of Boredom

We have nearly eradicated boredom, with a screen always in reach. But has all this innovation come at a much bigger cost to our mental health and creativity?

The Shift & a God Who Restores

Iris Cruz takes a look at the restoration power of God, by taking a look at the Angel Studios film "The Shift" and the story of Job.

Portal Guns and Evil Plots: Possibility as Power in Rick and Morty

Jacob Jones takes us through the wacky Rick and Morty multiverse to help us search for purpose through possibility.

Why Are So Many Big YouTubers Quitting?

Radio Matt shares how a Bruce Almighty deleted scene showcase a deep Biblical truth about why God allows bad things to happen to people.

LTN Wrap Up 2023

Relive the most watched, read, and listened to content and resources from Love Thy Nerd in 2023.

A Charlie Brown Christmas & Learning to Fear Not

Iris Cruz takes a look at relying on a Higher Power through the eyes of Linus in 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. This article focuses on our need to realize we can't overcome addiction by our own power.

How Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Speaks Christ into Anime Fantasy

Twwk shares with us about how Frieren mirrors the grace-filled, party-building, evil-shunning, and destination-focused journeys we are all on.

Blue Beetle & the Legacy We Leave

Kathryn Fisher takes a look at the legacy we build and how we build it, inspired by the latest DC movie, Blue Beetle.