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Dungeons & Dragons | The Complete LTN Resource List

On July 21st, 2022, an article was published from Christianity Today that tied Dungeons & Dragons to dangerous elements in America, effectively demonizing D&D in the process, despite the game (and games like it) having little-to-nothing to do with the actual issues being addressed. In this article, they note briefly that playing games like this is completely harmless for most people, yet at the same time they assert that these kinds of games are “hurting America.” Unbalanced, under-informed and misguided articles like this have been demonizing creative and adventurous nerds since the days of the “Satanic Panic” 80s. We here at Love Thy Nerd love D&D and we love people who love D&D! Below is a complete list of our Dungeons & Dragons articles, podcasts, and videos to help the uninitiated learn more about the game, and to help those who love the game defend it and enjoy it even more. (This resource will be updated as new relevant media is published.)

Article Series | Chaotic Good: A Christian Guide to Dungeons, Dragons, and Tabletop RPGs

  • What is Dungeons & Dragons, Anyway? by Jaclyn Parrish | In the first part of our new series on D&D, Jaclyn Parrish introduces the basics of what D&D is, how it’s played, what makes it unique in the gaming world, and how it fits within the broader history and scope of RPGs in general.
  • How D&D is a Unique Storytelling Medium-and Why It Matters by Jaclyn Parrish | In this second part of our series on D&D, Jaclyn Parrish examines how D&D stands out as a completely unique storytelling medium.
  • How Playing D&D Can Make Us Better Christians by Jaclyn Parrish | This is part three of our series. Jaclyn Parrish examines the mechanics and ethos of D&D and other tabletop RPGs, providing a rationale for why and how Christians can enjoy RPGs as not only a morally neutral, but actively redemptive pastime.
  • Dungeons & Dragons and a Theology of Fun by Jaclyn Parrish | Part 4 of our series. We play D&D for the same reason we play any game: we play it because it’s fun. And if there is one thing the church of this age desperately needs, it is a robust theology of fun.

“We play D&D for the same reason we play any game: we play it because it’s fun. And if there is one thing the church of this age desperately needs, it is a robust theology of fun.” –Jaclyn Parrish

Articles about Dungeons & Dragons

“The imaginative world of D&D is roughly consistent with the fantasy tradition embraced by Christian writers like Lewis and Tolkien. It allows greater freedom than the constrained worlds of fiction, but the imaginative world is not entirely different…” –Phil Tallon

Articles about Tabletop RPGs

  • Why Do Tabletop RPGs Matter? by Ashley Mowers | Ashley Mowers explains how a game about creativity, fellowship and character sheets has reintroduced her to the world by way of re-enchantment.
  • How to Get Started GMing a Tabletop RPG by Ric Rorabaugh | With a quick constitution check, you take on the role of GM for a TTRPG. But what now? Ric lays out some helpful guidelines to boost your GMing stats.
  • Another Kind of Adventure: Tabletop RPGs You May Not Know About by Stephanie Skiles and Mike Perna | Think that D&D is the only tabletop adventure out there? Think again. Check out this list of beautifully-crafted TTRPGs you probably haven’t heard of.
  • Relationship Building through Tabletop RPGs by Jon Campoverde | “We are better people now that we play TTRPGs together.” Jonathan Campoverde explains how Tabletop RPGs helped him and his wife strengthen their relationship.
  • 15 Board Game Gateways to Tabletop Roleplaying by LTN Writers | Interested in tabletop roleplaying games? These board games are great ways to get into TTRPGs before you take on a full campaign.
  • How to Get Started Playing Tabletop RPGs by Peter Martin | Want to hop into the world of Tabletop RPGs but aren’t sure where to start? LTN writer Peter Martin has a few tips and guidelines to ease your way into a seat around the game table.

Podcasts & Videos

This resource was compiled by Radio Matt. Last Updated February 8, 2023.

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