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The Pull List 2.9 | DC Infinite Crisiseses

About This Episode

Diamond is no longer the sole provider of comic publishing numbers putting DC Comics into the lead for the first time in a long time. Chris and Hector are back at it again with this and all the latest comic industry news, new number one issues, and listener recommendations! DC Comics and the comic book industry had a rough few weeks with layoffs, major changes, continued convention cancellations, and more. But, fear not loyal comic book readers, there is a lot going on below the surface and the beacon of hope shines through!

News From The Show:

Sales charts are back with sell-through and comics will never be the same, Comicsbeat
Ric Grayson No More – Nightwing Gets His Memory Back Next Month, Bleedingcool
DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras Among Several DC Comics Layoffs, ComicBook
DC makes the return of Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire official, GamesRadar
New York Comic Con 2020 Will Go Digital With Live YouTube PanelsIGN
DC Cancels Hellblazer, Hawkman, Teen Titans, Young Justice, and More, Bleedingcool

Pulls From The Show:

The Flash #759, DC Comics
Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme (2019) #6, Marvel Comics
DCeased: Dead Planet #2, DC Comics
Fire Power #2, Image Comics
Dark Knights: Death Metal #3, DC Comics
The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #46, Marvel Comics
Marauders (2019) #11, Marvel Comics
Batman (2016) #96, DC Comics

#1’s Worth Your Time

Seven Secrets #1, Boom! Studios
Big Girls #1, Image Comics

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Episode Hosts

Chris Poirier
Chris is the co-host of The Pull List Podcast for Love Thy Nerd and a connoisseur of nearly all things considered even remotely nerdy. When not reading comics he and his wife Rebekah seek out all that can be found on the nerd scene hunting for vintage toys, finding the most epic comic shops, and getting their tabletop on. In the hours that remain, Chris serves as one of the South Regional Resource Nerds for Love Thy Nerd and as a Pastoral Resident with Calvary Baptist Church in Columbus, GA. Previously, Chris managed the largest comic retail shop in North Carolina, as well as, served as the North Carolina Comicon Media/Communications Director.
Hector Miray
Hector is the co-host of the Pull List Podcast for Love Thy Nerd. He is a semi overzealous geek about most things, but to the core is a big fan of a good story. He is the primary writer behind the book series "Faith & Fandom" and travels to dozens of comicons throughout the year with the books. He is married to a medical nerd named Danyelle and has helped co-create 3 small humans with her that resemble him in appearance and passions. Hector is also the location pastor for Vertical Church's Lumberton, NC Location.

Episode Producer

Jonathan Clauson
Chief Audio Nerd
Starting with Clear Channel Radio in the '90s, Jonathan has worked in audio and marketing for 20 years. Credits include stints at EA Tiburon, Christianity Today, Christ and Pop Culture, and freelancing as voice talent for audiobooks and podcast production services.

Episode Discussion

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