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General Information and Interview Requests

For General Information about LTN or if you would like to write an article about LTN or conduct an interview about LTN, please contact our Chief Executive Nerd, Chris Gwaltney: chris@lovethynerd.com.

Missions Trips

For information about LTN mission trips and missions resources, contact our Chief Missions Nerd, Matt Warmbier: matt@lovethynerd.com.

Local Missions

For information about local missions initiatives and local nerd missions resources, contact our Chief Local Missions Nerd, April-Lyn Caouette: april-lyn@lovethynerd.com.

Community and Advertising

For information about the LTN community and other community building opportunities with LTN or if you would like to advertise your game or other product with LTN, please contact our Chief Community Nerd, Bubba Stallcup: bubba@lovethynerd.com.

Writing and Site Content

If you have questions about writing for LTN or would like to recommend writers or pitch articles to LTN, please contact our Chief Content Nerd, Drew Dixon: drew@lovethynerd.com.

April-Lyn Caouette also serves as Assistant to the Chief Content Nerd, feel free to contact her about writing for LTN as well: april-lyn@lovethynerd.com.

Social Media

If you would like to serve on our social media team, please contact our Chief Social Media Nerd, Kate Kadowaki: kate@lovethynerd.com.


LTN has two podcasts. Free Play, hosted by Bubba Stallcup, Matt Warmbier, and Kate Kadowaki is a podccast about the Love Thy Nerd community, the games they play, and the things they love. Humans of Gaming is hosted by Drew Dixon and Chris Gwaltney and features interviews with game designers on games, life, and belief. For more information about our podcasts, contact Bubba (bubba@lovethynerd.com) or Drew (drew@lovethynerd.com).