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Love Thy Nerd is a ministry organization dedicated to building relationships with gamers and nerds from every corner of the nerdverse. We use our Facebook Community and Discord community as places to grow the relationships we start either at conventions, in a Fortnite game lobby, or even at a local board game event. Wherever we meet people, our online communities allow us to continue to conversation.

We encourage our members to invite their friends and family to the group and engage with the 3,700 people who choose to spend their time with us on Facebook. Do yourself a favor and join. We have the memes.

In our Discord community you’ll find channels for every topic you can think of, as well as monthly game nights and our Nerdy Wishes community.

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Community Leaders

Bubba Stallcup
Co-founder | Chief Community Nerd
Bubba is the Chief Outreach Nerd, host of the Free Play Podcast, the Church Nerds Podcast and one of the founding members of Love Thy Nerd. He is also a full-time Nerd-Culture Missionary. Bubba, and his wonderful wife Anna, have 4 children who are pretty good most of the time. A communal gamer at heart, Bubba loves to get in and play games with other people #gameNightIStheRightNight
Kate Kadowaki
Chief Social Media Nerd
Kate is a co-founder, admin coordinator, and best girl host of the Free Play podcast for Love Thy Nerd. Some of her favorite games ever are Red Dead Redemption 2, the Assassin's Creed franchise, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Kate has a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology and thinks games research is awesome. Her husband Steven says that she dies too much in games.