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dc comics in crisis

Episode 2 | DC Comics in Crisis and Daredevil Conjectures

The DC Universe is in crisis (again) as the¬†Heroes in Crisis¬†9 part series racks up a body count right from the onset. Light spoilers are contained within if you haven’t read the first 2 issues. The conversation then turns to the theories surrounding Mat Murdoch’s brother in the next Daredevil arc, Star Wars comics, and […]

Episode 1 | The Pilot

Chris Poirer and Hector Miray team up for the first “unofficial” episode of The Pull List podcast where they talk all things comics, pop culture, faith and how it all interacts in the nerd culture at large. Up this week is Batman #53 and the subject of Batman’s beliefs which many feel writer Tom King […]

Asking for Help in Heroes in Crisis

Heroes in Crisis suggests that if you truly want to be like a Superhero, start at your weakness and look forward.

4 Fantastic Virtues and the New Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four are back, reminding us to strive to be the very best of ourselves.

Is Batman an Atheist? Does It Even Matter?

Tom King's Batman #53 has the internet hotly arguing about the Dark Knight's religious leanings or lack there of. Is a more important takeaway being lost in the debate?