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Bible Thump 134 | The Right Kind of Active Waiting (w/ Amanda Souza)


Amanda Souza of GodSquad Church brings us a message on the right kind of “waiting” – not doing too much or too little, connected to Psalm 46:10 and a few more verses.

Episode Hosts

Amanda Souza
Amanda has grown up with video games in the house, playing "shared" consoles and games with her siblings. One of her favorite game series is the Legend of Zelda but enjoys many Nintendo games and other RPG games. She also loves anime - "believe it!"

Amanda is the Executive and Music Pastor of GodSquad Church, an online church for gamers on Twitch founded by her and her husband, SouzyLIVE, in 2016. She received her bachelor’s degree in Music and Worship and Biblical Studies from Northpoint Bible College alongside her husband in 2014.

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