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The Pull List 29 | The Best Comics of 2019 Reviewed

About This Episode

On Today’s episode of the Pull List, we’re going to take a moment, slow down, and celebrate our favorite titles from 2018. Welcome to 2020, it’s time for a “best of 2019 show!”

Hector’s Best of 2019

Marvel Comics
The Immortal Hulk (2018)
Domino: Hotshots (2019)
Daredevil (2019)

DC Comics
Harleen #1
Superman: Year One #1
Batman (Tom King)

Steeple – Image Comics
My Hero Academia – VIZ Comics
The Walking Dead – Image Comics

Chris’ Best of 2019

Marvel Comics
Daredevil (2019)
Spider-Man (2019)
House of X (2019)

DC Comics
Batman (Tom King)
Harleen #1
Heroes in Crisis #5

Image Comics



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