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Stephanie Skiles

Associate Editor
Stephanie Skiles is a freelance storyboard/illustration artist and writer who also runs GameChat, a conversational book club for video games, that can be found at thegamechat.net. Other than Love Thy Nerd, you can find her art work at stephskiles.com and on twitter and Instagram @stephskilesart

Love You 3000: Our Love Letters To the MCU, Part 1

On the heels of Avengers: Endgame, a few of the LTN writers reflect on what the MCU has meant to them, their loved ones, and to geek culture as a whole.

10 Incredible Women of Gaming and Their Impact

Here are 10 women from video games who are powerful, brave, and more interesting with all of the Nathan Drakes, Adam Jensens, and Soldier 76’s littering the gaming landscape.

Tomb Raider Changed My Life

Playing the fearless, independent Lara Croft transformed Steph's perception of herself and the world around her.

The World of Rakuen Sees New Life in Farmer in the Sky

The Farmer In the Sky, a series based on Laura Shigihara's Rakuen, hits our internet screens this fall.

VA-11 Hall-A: A GameChat Review

GameChat is a bookclub for gamers on the internet, where instead of reading and discussing books, we play and discuss video games. We are thought-provoking and discussion oriented in our conversations, handling surface issues such as gameplay and voice acting to more deeper issues of story, characters and issues that marry our reality to the […]

Immor(t)al Disenengagement in Vampyr

Vampyr sold Steph on a level of moral investment it never intend to give.

STAY-ing Connected in a World of Digital Distractions

STAY serves as an all-too-important reminder of the necessity of “checking in.”

Everything in its Right Place: Gorogoa

Gorogoa is more than a beautiful hand-drawn and innovative puzzle game, it mechanically illustrates of our own personal disassembly of those moments in our lives that require shifting and rearranging.