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Patrick Gann

Therapist (LSW/MSW) by day and gamer by night, Patrick enjoys a wild and exciting life with his wife and three children. Patrick is also a veteran contributor to RPGFan and OriginalSoundVersion.

Settling On Home: A song in the void

LTN writer Patrick Gann terraforms a kind-of-okay planet and talks about how settling has the abillity to catapult change.

10 Incredible Women of Gaming and Their Impact

Here are 10 women from video games who are powerful, brave, and more interesting with all of the Nathan Drakes, Adam Jensens, and Soldier 76’s littering the gaming landscape.

The End of the World in Banner Saga 3 and the Kingdom of God

The epic tale of the world's end in Banner Saga 3 bears resemblance to the greatest story ever told.

Is Gaming Disorder a Real Thing?

The World Health Organization (WHO) made waves earlier this year by including an entry for “Gaming Disorder” in their plans for the 11th International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). The fault line for the current debate does not seem to concern whether excessive gaming/screen time is a problem in our society—undeniably, it is. The question is […]