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Lasse Lund

A gamer since he was 4, Lasse now enjoys sharing his hobby with his kids, playing coop with newfound friends in Denmark, and diving into a good narrative-driven game — and then writing about his experiences.

10 Incredible Women of Gaming and Their Impact

Here are 10 women from video games who are powerful, brave, and more interesting with all of the Nathan Drakes, Adam Jensens, and Soldier 76’s littering the gaming landscape.

Video Game Music We Live By

Gaming music spills over into our lives—the soundtracks and songs that we carry with us wherever we go and define significant moments for us. This is the music we write to, study with, grieve to, and share with family. It has meshed with the fabric of our minds. Welcome to the celebration of the music […]

Daddy Daughter Fortnite

Playing Fortnite with your kids is better than playing by yourself.