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Jeff Jackson, Jr.

Jeff Jackson Jr. is your resident chaotic good College of the Opera bard-barian. He is actively involved with Innroads Ministries, a ministry geared specifically to tabletop and RPG nerds, and is a moderator for their Facebook group, the Tavern. Currently, he works as a gamemaster for an escape room facility. If he’s tabletop gaming, he’s either playing a mid-weight Eurogame, or he’s playing a game that is easy to teach and hard—but enjoyable—to master.

Gaming, God, and Learning to Thrive with Autism

When I listen to nerd culture podcasts, a typical question that guests are asked is, “When did you discover that you were a nerd?” What’s fascinating for me is that my nerd story started out of necessity more than anything. My earliest memory of something I was nerdy about is from when I was around […]