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Eric Osterday

Eric saw the premier of ST:TNG at the age of 6 and was instantly hooked on it and Sci-Fi in general because he was able to relate more closely to characters like Geordi LaForge and Vir Cotto (Babylon 5) than those portrayed by John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. Eric lives in Louisville with his wife Christi - who also loves Sci-Fi - and their dog Luna. He can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Book of Boba Fett, Church, and The Danger of Expectations

How do we manage our expectations? Eric Osterday writes how we do this and how they shape our churches and nerd culture—for better and worse.

Expecting the Unexpected in Star Wars: Visions – The Duel

The twists on Japanese samurai films and Star Wars itself in Episode 1 capture the heart of the sci-fi franchise—and where it all began.

Nerdiness Does Not Diminish Manliness

Eric shares his story of realizing that he doesn't have to fit into other people's narrow, "Christian" definition of manhood by leaving his nerdy side behind.