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Emeri Glen

Emeri attends Liberty University, where she serves as the social media and website manager and podcast co-host for her university’s student newspaper, the Liberty Champion. In addition to being a fangirl of Tomb Raider, she enjoys rock climbing, traveling in Asia and Europe, and having meaningful conversations over boba! You can find her on Instagram @emerileighton

Nancy Drew & Asking if Our Childhood Characters Should Grow Up With Us

Emeri Glen takes a look at the CW's Nancy Drew compared to the character's personas of the past to examine if it does a disservice to the character and the fans to have classic characters grow up.

Pistols, Tombs, and Polygons: When are They Coming Back? (Or, How to Justify Exploring the Peruvian Jungle in a Bikini)

Emeri Glen balances her love for the later installments of a franchise that begin as an oversexualized objectification of women in the jungle. Is there redemption for the Lara Croft franchise?