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Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson was introduced to nerdy hobbies as a kid. His Mom got him into Godzilla films and old school science fiction films while he and his neighbor created new forms of Risk with pogs. Super hero films and strategy games led the way to comics and other forms of gaming, including collectible miniature games like Heroscape and Monsterpocalypse as well as euros and cooperative games. His three favorite franchises are Star Wars, Stargate, and Doctor Who. As a Christian who happens to be a nerd he writes at the intersection of the Christian faith and geekiness at www.nerdchapel.com and has co-written the books 42: Discovering Faith through Fandom and The New 42: God Terraforms All Things. He has been a guest on such podcasts as Theology Gaming and Redeemed Otaku.

The Joy of Board Gaming: An Interview with Mín and Elwen of Lost Ruins of Arnak

Mín and Elwen, designers of Lost Ruins of Arnak share their love of board games and their unique approach to game design.