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Chris Fogle

Chris is an assistant pastor in Southern California, where he lives with his wife and two kids. He also writes and works in manufacturing procurement. He loves film, TV, time travel, and the British—which means naturally, he identifies as a Whovian. His passion is connecting Jesus and the Bible to pop culture, since he believes this is how the majority of modern society relates to life.

6 Thanksgiving TV Episodes to Feast Your Eyes On

Last year my little family of four did our traditional twenty-five-person Thanksgiving at my in-laws’ house. It was great—feeling gratitude for our many blessings, eating too much food, and a few awkward conversations. However, since our little family aren’t extroverts, a day of talking and turkey begets tiredness. We got home and I randomly said, […]

12 Documentaries that Explore Fandoms and Nerd Culture

Learn more about your favorite fandoms and maybe learn about fandoms you're clueless about with these 12 documentary suggestions from resident film nerd Chris Fogle.

12 Family-Friendly Films to Broaden Your Horizons

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Ghosts of the Holidays

Writer Chris Fogle explains what Dickens' beloved story can teach us on worrying about the past, being present in the present and worrying about the future.