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April-lyn Caouette

April-Lyn is the Chief Local Outreach Nerd. Her biggest tabletop #lifegoal is to play every game by Vlaada Chvátil. When she's not at a local game night, you'll probably find her swing dancing somewhere. She lives in Southern California—far away from Terry Cavanagh, who's she's threatened to punch for making VVVVVV.

How #notPOGs Helped Me Rediscover the Joy of Chucking Things at Other Things

One of April-Lyn's favorite games at PAX Unplugged reminded her that sometimes, the best way to have fun as an adult is to temporarily forget that you're an adult.

Quarterbacking Sucks! Five Cooperative Games That Don’t

Cooperative games challenge players to work together to solve complicated problems. Here are our writer's top picks for co-op games that empower all players to contribute their individual strengths and talents to the team.