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Al Martens

Al Martens is many things. He has been a husband for over a quarter century and a father of two boys for most of that time. His oldest son was born with Autism, so he advocates for those with special needs. He fights for the equality of women and is proud to be a Christian Feminist. He loves to play guitar, bass, or drums to lead the people of God in worship. He enjoys writing, even though he has much to learn. Above all, Al has massive nerd credentials, having played video games since PONG. Home is North Battleford, Saskatchewan in Canada where the winters are long and cold, leaving much time for gaming indoors.

Hope for the Hurting in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake reminded Al Martens of the power of empathy and the importance of loving people in the midst of their pain.
WoW Classic Scarlet Monastery

Azeroth and the Real World: How I Bridge Them Both in WoW Classic

LTN writer Al Martens discusses how his time playing World of Warcraft has changed him after reflecting on the game's history, the release of WoW Classic, and the person he is now.